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Is the oreo update ready guys. If not pls make it reach us asap.amazing work from you guys.

Hi everyone! On Zuk Z2 the flash does not work when the picture is taken, only when it is focusing. In result the picture is always black. Anyone else has the same issue?

When we can expect android 8.0 for zuk z2. 2,3 months no update for. Zuk.

when can we expect 8.0 rom this week or 2018???

When will be get next update to oreo ?? 2 months no update. 🤔🙄

google camera not working when updated to latest version.
pls help!!!

When update for z2 plus?from two months didnt got any update

Otg not working...with discovery rom.....

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Discovery for oneplus 2 booted
#gettingthere 😀
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