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*It's Pebble TIME Again!*⌚
Almost a year ago, my Time charging cable had bitten the dust, and my battered yet beloved Pebble sat in a drawer since then. Thankfully, I decided to check into any progress in efforts to keep Pebble alive. I found and the transition was super easy! I'm happy to have my old friend back on my wrist, and I even found a new awesome watch face called "CLEAR".

+Todor Krecu please check your Hangouts for an invite/message request from me. Thanks!

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Is it possible to send notifications to a Pebble Watch through Tasker app?

And if it is feasible, how can it be done?

I am not used to Tasker settings, so I'm looking for help.

Hello, is there anyone around here who has already tried the Pebble App + Rebble on an Android Pie (9) phone?

Does anyone have trouble with a specific app that doesn't get notifications pushed to your watch? I use Kakaotalk and recently the notifications stopped being pushed. I have looked for solutions but nothing has worked or is very outdated information. Anyone ran into this that found a fix?

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Does anyone know if I can get spare parts for my pebble 2hr?
I need new lateral buttons!

Anyone buy the Fitbit Ionic?

Got one yesterday (only because my employer subsidized fitness trackers ;-) ).


1. God I miss my deceased Pebble Time
2. Display is pretty
3. 5 days on a charge is promising
4. Heartbeat monitor with no discomfort
5. Setup is excruciatingly slow
6. Watch has GPS but no compass app available
7. Very limited number of apps
8. Weather app just doesn't seem to want to find my location
9. Onboard you can pair some bluetooth headphones and listen, without having your phone with you....and supports Pandora....just by luck, T-Mobile is giving away a free year TODAY ONLY!
10. Rotate wrist to look-at-phone position turns on display...after a small delay (see # 1)
11. Definitely a fitness tracker 1st

When I receive a call, only the phone number is shown on the watch instead of the caller's name. Does anyone has this issue?

Google pixel on Android 9.0
Using Rebble on Pebble Time

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Is the Pebble Android app falling behind? I'm running Android 8.1.0 and more and more apps show up broken.
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