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Small fish, small pond: Why Pebble went belly up

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The Frankenstein Project... 

I'm using a pebble time and I can't seem to find the built in weather app anywhere including in the pebble app. If anyone could help me, that'd be great.

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I have been looking for a replacement for the pebble, ever since Pebble went tits up, and my Kickstarter funds where returned.
This weekend I backed the MyKronos ZeTime on Kickstarter.
I have doubts about it - but it's so far the only watch I've been interested in.
Biggest drawback (if the promises hold up) is lack of an open developer platform (for now - they have not ruled it out as a future option)

What do you guys think? 🤔 

This is the specs from the website :
Bluetooth: BLE 4.1
Dimensions: 44mm x 12,3mm
Material: Stainless steel watch case, Silicon
or Genuine leather watch straps
Watch bands width: 22mm
Traditional hands

Battery type: li-ion 200 mAh
Display size and resolution: 1.22’ 240*240
Display type: TFT (Color touchscreen with hole)
Sensors: 3-axis acceleometer + optical HR sensor

Charging system: Contact Charging
Accessories included: magnetic charger, USB cable
System requirements:
Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0 and above, BLE
Water resistance: 3ATM


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Grabbed a PT last night on Amazon for $56. Saw that they have the P2 for same price. Is it worth getting both? Did I make the right choice getting the PT instead of the P2? I'm coming from the OG Pebble. Don't need hr monitor. Thinking of getting both so I can have them for a while. My OG Pebble has screen tearing issues but still works most of the time. My 1st OG Pebble had to be sent back for the screen tearing. If this still happens with the P2 or PT I won't buy both.

Just noticed this morning that my watch was considered unpaired even though it was hooked up through the Bluetooth settings. When I went to pair it through the app, it connected but started reporting that I wasn't using Low Energy mode anymore.

Anyone else seeing this happen on their devices?

Phone: Google Pixel
Watch: Pebble Time

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Has anyone got an S8 device yet? If so - is there any difference to the quality of the BT connection with your Pebble?

Just interested to see if the quality of the connection is improved (or degraded).
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