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I found this group on facebook and thought I'd paste a link here if anyone wants to join:
Inviting all Pebble-enthusiasts to our Facebook group called Pebble Junkies!
Let's discuss & share at:"
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Facebook. Not even once.
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#PebbleOutdoors Chapter 02: HangGliging

Or when 2 Kickstarter products take to the skies to enhance the bliss of flying with that of wrist controlled music..
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And you can trigger your GoPro with a Pebble too... not that you'd really need to turn it off while hang gliding.
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I'm going to design smartstraps for my senior project at Penn State.  I'm going to do it as links in a watch.  Each "smartlink" will have it's own function like LED flashlight, camera, battery, etc.  I need ideas of what you would like to see most from smartstraps.  Post them here.

*Battery is a given for the power of the smartstrap so as to not drain the watch battery.
188 votes
Heart Rate Monitor
Standalone GPS
Other: Please comment
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+Maverick Vanderburgh​ cool looking forward to what you cook up for the Pebble 
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Here are my points for the price difference:
1. Two straps
Those two fine leather and stainless steel look good to me. I believe those two straps worth at least $30 each.
2. Extra 3 days battery life
I think this worth at least $30. When the time goes by, the battery life will be decreased. I can extend my Pebble Time Steel,s life by this extra battery life.
The average battery life of my Pebble Steel is about 6 days. It's a little bit frustrated for me to charge it irregularly. With those extra 3 days battery life, I can charge it when I watch TV every Sunday night. It's healthier to charge battery before it below 30%.
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I'm going to be honest. I just want a Pebble Time. 

All I need is 189 people to give me a Dollar :) 

This sounds so dumb ... but I may just get the Pebble watch I want.
I'm going to be honest. I just want a Pebble Time.  Could you please give me $1. All I need is 189 people to give me a Dollar :) This sounds so dumb ... but I may just get the Pebble watch I want.
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+James D I think I pretty much agree with you. Just a commentary on the mistaken notion that it's possible for the Government to be charitable.

There's a story out there attributed to Davy Crockett (although almost certainly not true) titled "Not Yours To Give"... 
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Chris Gallaty

Discussion  - 
"The market researcher reckons that Cupertino will ship some 15 million Apple Watches in 2015, to quickly become the No. 1 smartwatch vendor in the world, capturing 55 percent global market share this year."

What is this whole 'SmartWatch' thing that Apple is talking about?
Cupertino is expected to ship some 15 million Apple Watches in 2015, to become the No. 1 smartwatch vendor.
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+Chris Gallaty I much appreciate your on-topic content/posts but unfortunatly you also posting too frequent off-topics, so I have no choice but to block you.
See you in 2016.
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Tomáš Holčík

Pebble Time  - 
My LCARS watchface is Pebble Time ready. If only there was some support for an antialiased text.
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Wow this looks cool! And antialiasing is coming. Either in form of 3rd party libraries or natively from firmware
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Yuriy Galanter

Pebble Time  - 
Interesting concept (found on Reddit). This mockup is a bit wrong, Pebble doesn't have this many greys, but still it would be cool if firmware had built-in antialiasing option. It would make for so much nicer looking faces.
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+Grégoire Sage that thing is freaking amazing. Did a small test: (top drawn by standard method, bottom by your library). You are a wizard!
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Anthony Tyson

Pebble Time  - 
Have there been any REAL photos of the red Time? I'm torn between black and red but haven't seen any non renders of the red. Need to get a better judgment of the color. 
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+Anthony Tyson ah, d'oh!
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Playing with new color watchfaces capabilities for Pebble Time. Not exactly effect I was looking for, but I am getting there.
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+Joseph Yacker :-)  {hic}
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Developers Pebble Technology had raised venture capital for the product under their former name inPulse, but after initially failing to attract traditional investors under their new brand name, in April 2012 the Pebble became the most highly funded Kickstarter project to date.
Today only! Introducing Pebble Holi...
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seems like a magenta printer toner catridge (or the contents inside came out of it)
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Margaret Leber

Discussion  - 
Attention geeky watchband fans: If you're not using a SmartStrap, how about
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+Chris Gallaty Would need two 22mm adapters rather than a SmartStrap one. Probably could be done.
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I told you one of Pebble Time was going to be a wall clock. Here's the production model.
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Now colorize it!
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Can't wait to update my Pebble to #System7   #Watchface  
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+Rob Mills the version for Pebble Classic/Steel is available on the Pebble Store (keyword : zarumbatus) and the Pebble Time version will be released asap.
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I have currently backed for pebble time, do I really need to upgrade to pebble time steel? I'm confused, I don't want to spend $260 on smartwatch. If I get pebble time will I really miss something from steel.
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The bezel may be smaller on PTS but the screen size is the same which makes the watch look super weird. Like an expensive watch with nothing backing it up. Nah, I'm definately staying with the PT.
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Anyone knows if pebble watch works well with Yotaphone 2?
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Good to know. I'm looking more at the reliability of the connection. Read some posts in the pebble forum that certain phones are experiencing connectivity issues. My pebble steel currently 'works well' with my N5. 
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Neat! I might have to try this.
Pebble watch, #3DPrinted  charger. #3DPrinting  +Instructables 
With a little bit of wire and a 3D printer you can make a charger for your Pebble Smartwatch. Even better, you can make it in under half an hour! Instructables user Zjenja has provided the instructions and reasoning behind his creation. After losing the charger for his Pebble, rather than buying a new one, …
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I printed one last night and stuck some thin wires in there and got some really bad behaviour from the Pebble. I tried a few times to connect it to a USB / 5V source and the Pebble never registered it was charging and most often would blank the screen (freaked me out a bit).

Not sure what I'm doing wrong... will have to do some more reading before I risk hooking it back up.
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That new pebble time steel looks great,, and I was this close to clicking that pledge button on kickstarter, then I realised my current pebble steel still works fine. Decided not to upgrade until my current watch breaks and distract myself from buying on impulse.
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I cancelled my kickstarter pledge last night. I have an OG and steel. Do I need a 3rd. Plus as iOS guy I'm hedging my bets on the apple watch. 
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Patrick EMIN

Pebble Time  - Pebble Time Steel + smartstraps: Taking Care of Business 24 Feb 2015. Thumb_pebblelogo_black_transparent.
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