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State Superintendent Tony Evers announced the release of the 2016 Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan at the annual AWSA/WASDA SLATE conference. Check out the new plan and interactive website which leverages the Future Ready Framework to create a roadmap for the state and districts. Key priorities, resources, and a glossary are included to help districts facilitate dialogues.

The plan provides resources to support district planning tools that DPI released for district teams.

Learn more about digital leadership credentialing options

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A great overview of initiatives and focus areas that connect to high quality, student-centered, instruction programming.

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A wonderful article to share with your leadership teams to gauge your innovation meter. This aligns to the empowering, innovative leadership gear of the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan that embraces collaborative leadership and shared ownership. #futureready

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The Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has launched a new website portal of invaluable resources. Check out the new research and best practices page, professional learning opportunities, planning, and implementation resources, digital leadership resources, blended learning programming options, webinars with leading experts, WI school profile exemplars, and more. Sign up on the WDLC webpage to receive ongoing updates

Our WDLC partners (eSchool Network and CESA 9 WVS), in partnership with our DPI Digital Learning team, continue to evolve high-quality programming and resource options available to all Wisconsin schools.

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Want to learn more about program design, funding, resources, and policy for Online, Blended and digitally enabled personalized learning options? Check out our DPI resource with connected topics and resources. Please reach out if you need a district brainstorming session, leadership team meeting, as well as support for reviewing your digital instructional ecosystem.

A reminder that our Digital Learning team and Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative is hosting with AWSA/WASDA a pre-conference at SLATE with Heather Staker. The all-day conference is only $39, including a free book, is a stand-alone event open to district leadership teams.

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Do you want to be part of a new network of districts to move our Future Ready programming forward with a focus on central office leadership teams related to planning and initiative alignment? Schools that have experience with attending a state summit, currently leverage the Future Ready materials, or want to be part of an exciting programming opportunity are invited to participate in an innovative learning, brainstorming, and aligning experience of your district initiatives.

The ideal team will consist of your lead instructional leader, technology lead with a focus on instructional alignment, principal, other optional central office staff aligned to career work, student support services, personalized learning, and innovation.

If you have questions please contact Janice Mertes,

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Sharing from our CTE staff

Applications open 10/8/2018 and are due 12/13/2018.

Good Morning Everyone!

We would like to call your attention to the fourth round of funding for Wisconsin public school districts for the Fabrication Laboratories (Fab Labs) Program. These grants help districts to equip fab labs within public schools.

As you may know, fab labs incorporate technologies such as 3D printing and computer-assisted design to give students hands-on experience, allowing them to put into practice concepts they have learned in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) courses. Fab labs have a twofold benefit: giving students the skills to set them apart in the job market and helping to ensure that our state’s labor force includes the type of skilled workers employers seek.

Grants to assist public school districts create or expand these labs will be available in amounts up to $25,000 per district or up to $50,000 for consortiums of two or more districts. Consortium applications may be submitted by a lead public school district or CESA. The funds may be used to purchase equipment used for instructional and educational purposes by elementary, middle, junior or high school students. A match of 1:1 is required.

Fab Labs Grants will be awarded through a competitive process, with applications evaluated based on readiness and long range planning, curriculum, business and community partnerships, and financial need and previous awards. Applications for the fourth grant year will be available on October 8, 2018 and are due by 11:59 pm, December 13, 2018. A total of $500,000 is available for the FY19 competition. During FY19, WEDC is placing a moratorium on applicants that have already received three Fab Labs Grants. This does not apply to Milwaukee Public Schools.

Fab labs have the potential to benefit individual students, school districts and the state’s economy as a whole. We strongly encourage your district to consider applying for this program.

View program information and request an application here:

Brent Kindred | Education Consultant

WI Department of Public Instruction | Career and Technical Education

(608) 266-2683 |

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ESSA Title IVA is now open in WISEGrants for districts to request their local funding allocations. This is the 2nd year of this new federal Title program that has three areas for district spending (Safe and Healthy Students, Well Rounded Students, and Effective Uses of Technology). Check with your district designee on integrated budgeting options across your district leadership teams to help utilize these funds for purposes that "supplement and not supplant".

Spreadsheet of district allocations - note the federal fund source tripled this year to $1.1 billion so there are changes to WI totals this year related to larger districts

Overview video of Janice Mertes presenting with ISTE staff on the policy history and value of preserving the Ed Tech components of this title program. Note on video: WI Overview and connections starts at 30 minutes.

Title IVA website and expanded ideas under allowable activities related to digital learning

DPI IVA FAQ with information on technology options and integrated funding support

Future Ready connections to Title IVA

WISEGrants funds management portal -note districts are awarded funds and no receipts are due back to DPI

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SLATE 2018 registration is now open with an awesome lineup

Our DPI Digital Learning team is proud to sponsor with WDLC, AWSA,
and WASDA on another great pre-conference event. We are bringing back Heather Staker to talk more Blended Learning with our Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative partners. This connects to ESSA (especially IVA) and our WI Digital Learning plan focus on innovative instructional practices and creative use of space-time-place.

Registration for the pre-conference can be an add-on fee or a stand-alone for only $39. Free book: Blended Learning: Learning to Design the Schools of our Future. Only 120 seats for the event so sign up your team today!

Key resources:

WI Online and Blended Learning Guide

WI Digital Learning Plan

Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative

Heater Staker - Ready to Blend
SLATE_Flyer1 (3).pdf
SLATE_Flyer1 (3).pdf

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Register for this year's Play Make Learn conference, August 13-14 in Madison! Meet and learn from innovative educators, researchers, and developers about using games for learning, making, coding, hip-hop in education, and more.

Learn more and register:

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