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Something I Have to Highlight About Our Community
Our community is for update posts only about the game. Only owners and mods are allowed to post. You can become a mod by showing me that you can keep the format of the rest of our posts. Do not promote any others to moderator until I approve that they can follow the format as well.
So sorry about this, mostly to our newest member, +Karina Euceda

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Early November Progress Update
Yandere Dev has done some more bug fixes and tried boosting the game's FPS rate from around 20-30 FPS to 40 and above.
Watch the video for more information...

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October Progress Report
Yandere Dev has been working on Osana for a few weeks now, and has her only about 45% complete. He also was working on how to drastically improve the frame rate and added in pose mode.
Watch the video for more information..

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What's Next for Yandere Simulator?
In this video, Yandere Dev explains the upcoming features and things he is working on for the game, along with adding Osana.
Watch the video for more information...

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Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video
The video showcases, of course, the 10 new rivals:
•Osana Najimi, the childhood friend
•Amai Odayaka, the Cooking Club President
•Kizana Sunobu, the Drama Club President
•Oka Ruto, the Occult Club President
•Asu Rito, the Sports Club President
•Muja Kina, the school nurse
•Mida Rana, the substitute teacher
•Osoro Shidesu, the Delinquent Leader
•Hanako Yamada, Senpai's sister
•Megami Saiko, the Student Council President
Go to for a lot more information on these new rivals.

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Matchmaking in Yandere Simulator
This video is rather long, so I suggest you watch it instead of me explaining the whole thing right here.

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Thank You for One Million Subscribers!
Yandere Dev has finally made it to one million subscribers, and has gone through a lot in this game already! Thank you!

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Some Previews for the Matchmaking Update
For information, head over here:
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Yandere-chan in Super Smash Bros for WiiU!
Yandere Dev has not created this mod for Yandere Simulator himself, but it is cool nonetheless. Ayano's voice actress even recorded a few lines for this mod.
For more information, visit the video.

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Matchmaking is Coming Soon
Yandere Dev is working hard on the matchmaking elimination method for Yandere Simulator and the rival introduction video. He's going to finish the matchmaking and then finish the rival video. The video isn't that long, so I explained it here.
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