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"Hee-hee-ho! Hello, child. If you are attempting to fool me, it is impossible. We Keatons can recognize our own by the sheen of our tails. But you're a good child... Let me put you to a test."— Keaton

Keaton, also known as the Ghost Fox, is a recurring character in the Legend of Zeldaseries. It is a golden fox with three tails. Although it is mentioned that there is an entire race of Keaton, Link encounters only one.


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Dinolfos (ダイナフォス, Dainafosu?, Dinafos), also referred to as Dinofols orDynalfos, are recurring enemies in theLegend of Zelda series. They are anthropomorphic reptiles clad in partial body armor, and wield bladed weapons. In some games, they have the ability to breath fire. They are similar to the Lizalfosrace, but are more dangerous.

Don't actually play the game...

How do I get into this?

"_I fight for what I believe in. My family, my friends, and myself._"

Name: Steelin

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Zora

Occupation: Adventurer

Rank: None

Personality: Usually keeps to himself, but is always willing to help a friend.

Height: 6.5 feet tall.

Weight: 190 pounds

Hair: None. 

Eyes: Blue

Skin tone: Green

Body type: Tall

Apparel: Green shorts.

Equipment: The Guitar of waves.

Abilities/Skills: Boomerangs- Fins are detachable as boomerangs Fin shield- Right fin can be used as a shield. Electric shield- in water an electric shield can activate that hurts enemies, but this uses magic power Attack- Can use his hands, fins, and feet in all out combat.

Bio: Was born in a far away land to a large Zora family. He was taught combat, and how to play his guitar. Was sent on a quest to find a new safer land as their current home had been taken over by humans. He was sent to find a new land. He brought one of his sisters along, but the two were separated in a storm. Steelin eventually arrived at Hyrule. Humans respected the Zora habitat in Hyrule. Steelin became an adventure traveling the lands of Hyrule to find a place to call home.

Theme song: None

Hmmmmmm.... So for race, could I be a Sheikah? I know they don't exist anymore (apart from Sheik & Impa but eh) But could I....? Or would that be too overpowered?

HEY ya doin'? See I'd like to post a few things to help everyone get a feel for things. So first things first, a (prefered) profile template.

"[insert quote here]." (optional)

Name: Self explanatory!

Gender: Also self explanatory!

Age: Once again...self explanatory!

Race: Are you a kokiri, a keaton? a bulbin or maybe a stalchild....maybe a Zora? YOU DECIDE...though I would reccomend sticking to the races that have been posted, if you'd like to ask about other races do so.

Occupation:  What does your character do for a living? Blacksmith? Adventure? Maybe a crash test dummy for chariots? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS

Rank: Only if applicable, like I don't think a random adventurer or farmer would have a rank.

Personality: How do they act around others? How do they act alone? Do they have any defining quirks?

Height: Fuckin'....okay this one and the next five are self explanatory




Skin tone:

Body type:

Apparel: What does your character wear? a loin cloth and a deer head? Or a fancy suit?

Equipment: Weapons, items, food, this is all included here.

Abilities/Skills: Can your character shoot fireballs from their genitalia? perhaps bench press a cow? Are they a master swordsman?

Bio: Give us a brief story of who your character is.Are they the bastard child of gannon? Is their tale one of tradgedy? or comedy? Did they endure a traumatizing experience involving pigs, a pitchfork and way too much hay? 

Theme song: (optional) What song do you think best fits your character?

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I just joined the community and I'm not sure what to be… please help by voting or commenting what you think! And thanks to the person who let me join.
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Name: Chaz
Age: 12
Race: Rito
Inventory: 13 rupees, 4 deku nuts, 7 bombs, 6 pears
Skills: Fast
Abbilities: Needs to go to Valloo before I can fly
Status: Alive
Born in the Dragon Roost Island, I was bullied for being "unfit to fly". So, I ran away, catching the first boat I could find. I was good friends with a strang man called Beedle. He was very nice and gave me some pears. After I left the boat, I started to wander around until I met an imp wearing a purple heart-shaped mask. He seems to have sent me to another dimension!
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