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#Domestic #violence can be, IPV "Intimate #Partner Violence" or abuse of the #children by their #caregivers. #Physical, #verbal or #seual abuse if not treated at an early stage will have an effect on the victim in the present and future relationship with others. Therefore it's important to understand and recognize it. Most of the victims in such a relationship tend to blame themselves as they are dependent emotionally more than economically on their abuser and the only way to stay in this relationship is to find justifications which usually come from the abuser by blaming them for instigating the situation by their actions.
Abuses usually apologise for their act by using justifications for their actions and pledging for it not to happen again especially in "IPV"relationships and indirectly blame the victim for the situation. Most of the victims have a low self esteem, are dependent emotionally on their abuser, dn't have a close circle of friends and cannot imagine their existence on their own. Also, most of the abused children transform into abusers when they grow up. There are many psychological reasons but to put it in a simple manner as they've never received any help or treatment for the abuse that they suffered, this memory most of the time is suppresed by the mind and comes back as a way of bringing up their children as they know of no other way and they believe i's the proper way because as children they blamed themselves for their abusers actions and given them many justifications that it became part of who they are. Another percentage they end up in an abusive relationship, as studies shows that most victims in an 'IPV" relationship witnessed that as children and never received any treatment and as the victim tens to justify the action of the abuser the children believe what they are being told by their caregivers; they are the first interaction they have with other human beings and their relationship with society is based on the relationship they have at home.
'Tis subject has many sub subjects and it's a phenomenon that is increasing at alarming levels therefore discussing it in. A simple way will help us in recognizing if someone is in such a relationship so we can help the and if we are in one this is the safe place to vent out, ask for advice, discuss your point of view, with no judgment only empathy and a helping hand is what this community is about.
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