About Charota :

Charotar on mapCharotar is known for its wealth and prosperity. The word itself says, it is a charu, a pot full of gold coins. The area of Charotar is educationally strong, agriculturally fertile and productive, emotionally well balanced, full of patriotism and charity and religiously nothing less than any tirth of India. Safety of this area is all due to the great Sant/Monk Pritam who pleased god because of his great deeds and tapascharya .When god asked him to ask for anything. He asked safety and prosperous area that is situated between two great rivers Mahi and Narmada. Because of the blessing this area is safe from natural calamities such as flood and drought

Anand is the administrative hub of Charotar region. Vallabh Vidyanagar and Bochasan plays the role of education city and Umreth is religious city.

The area of Charotar comprises of many great and famous stories and facts. Here are some of the cities with their identical details.
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