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Looked at track times and going at York today. Going by the clock will be having a small bet on Revolutionist in he first.

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Looks like my time is drawing near LOL.

The DVT from almost a year ago which my GP ignored for months is size of my whole thigh and blocked at top of thigh but ow blood is getting round.

They are worried that my chest pains are clots broken off n floating toward my heart (attack), lungs (Pullmory Embolism) or brain (Stroke).

To think only a few years back I was playing five aside football, Badminton, Taekwondwo and last year fencing. Now I can hardly walk let alone kick to your head or chest.

GP ignored me for 3 months let my INR get to a stage where my blood was 7.5 times thinner than it should be causing massive blackouts n fainting due to low blood pressure and my NHS script is 3 sheets long. Could sell half the stuff on here for good money to anyone wanting to get high. Shame it doesn't seem to touch the sides anymore and in chronic pain constantly.

Maybe it's time I choose a God to redeem me from all my sins on my death bed.

Any ideas? Thor, Zeus, Jesus???

Who should I convert to on my death bed in the hope or entering a world beyond this one.
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Become Buddhist
Die a fundementl Athiest

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The irony of it.... Bookie complains 'I feel violated' Read more:

Congratulations for over 1,000 Members. Great achievement. 
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