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name gakonsdollexe
weapons knife my magic and giving you nightmares
likes all sweets even candy and trolling and grifing and tnt :D
dislikes bullies being called fake
descripedshon about me
well i can kill pepol give them night mares make it towear they never wake up again and um put static in your dreames make me mad and i will come for you but make me happy you get a puppy to look at in your dreames and notes with nice stuff on it that i come up with
well there yall go.
ill be 13 in april 8th 2002so yeah there :P

Alright this shit is more dead than My Chemical Romance I may delete this

holds hatchet in hand as you are standing there across from me So, you'd like to challenge me to a duel? You nod. I give a fairly sinister smile. You know, you won't win... runs at you PREPARE TO LOSE!!!

Anyone on?

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Name: Donutz "The Unstable" Starlight

Age: 14

Gender: female

Abilities: none, but she's rumored to have ender magic

Weapons: Iron hatchet, diamond sword

Likes: Cake, friendship, ocelots, creative Mode, PvP, family

Dislikes: Herobrine, greifers, trolls, hackers, mobs, death, lag, lava

Friends: ItsBaconBytes, Ice Ninja (Jose), Jessica, Diamond Wiz

Bio (this is Kind of dark): She was a normal girl who farmed and did everyday things. Everything went downhill when Herobrine and his nether army showed up. She was 10 when she lost her parents at the hands of Herobrine and the army. She managed to escape. She wore a bandana to hide herself because everyone knew her as the "Herobrine survivor". She was called "The Unstable" because of how she acts and how hostile she seems against everyone else. One day when she had turned 14, she went to go fight Herobrine in the nether. Herobrine tried to kill her, but instead he cut her eye and half-blinded her. Her eye appeared white ever since then. Everyone was terrified of her ever since her eye was cut. She was hostile against people, had a huge scar running through her eye, and a white eye. Some even think she's part Herobrine. They could be right, but they could also be wrong.

Donutz: building factions base when I hear someone approaching me Who's there?! holds out iron hatchet in an defensive position Take one more step, I dare you!

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+Donutz4_YT​ could I be owner because I'm Trust friend that you know
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