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The Android Things Hardware Team wants your feedback

Are you or your company prototyping devices with #AndroidThings today? The hardware team would like to better understand your needs as we continue to evaluate production hardware support for future releases.

Take the survey here →

This survey contains questions about the hardware requirements of your product, and is best completed by a team member with deep knowledge of your product's development.

How long should a hands-on Android Things workshop be in order to have a reasonable chance of being successful? Specifically, how long does it take to reliably get people up and running with an Android Things starter kit? Can this be done in 90 minutes? Is four hours better?

Should such a workshop be driven by detailed step-by-step instructions, or should the workshop expect students to do at least a little bit of actually programming? (I like the latter, but by students (operating systems, not Android Things) seem to like the former.)


I've been actually really quite successful in building out a reference / poc of product I want to release. I've still had a hard time actually getting answers here tho.

1) Are there anythings I need to speak with people at google about regarding commercialization... going to production with a things device?

2) Are the SOM's actually completely certified, so the devices said to be supported should be boards I should be able to go and get and ultimately start bulk ordering etc?

Hi everyone.

I'm starting with the IoT. I need courses, books, whatever.
Do you have any suggestions?


I am using a screen of 1280 x 800 and when i run android things it renders at 1280 x 720. Does Android things only display with size 1280X720 ?

Thanks in advance

Why even a popup is so slow in rpi? Is there any solution?

Does anyone know any documents or any tutorials on a simple folder browser to include in my app? What it needs to do is

Tell the user to create a folder

Also should have an option to delete the folder.

Thank in advancee

Hello guys.

I just connected all the parts of my Android Things starter kit.

I got the Pico i.MX7D

After flashing the image to the board, I connected it to the internet. Now I'm trying to run an application but the screen doesn't turn on. Everything is connected. what's happening???

Hello, I have some issues with android things with rpi3b, when I set the "dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d,cma-256" it didn't boot anymore... I need it to run a unity3d game, without this the game just runs at 1fps :(

there any solution for it or not yet?? thanks \o
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