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Now that Android Things Developer Preview 2 supports USB audio, it's the perfect way to start playing with Text-To-Speech and Audio Recognition.

Here's an article explaining how to integrate those in your projects.
Spoil: TTS integration is very easy. Audio Recognition will take you a little longer, depending on how you want to implement it.


I am using Raspberry pi 3 with the official raspi cam. Is it possible to record a 30 fps video using this camera and android things? Is there a hardware.camaera2 api snippet for video record?

Hi Guys,

I have AT DP2 am trying to make serial communication in loopback (Tx connect to Rx) and after remove console=serial0,115200 from compline.txt I continuously receive follow data:
rpi3:/ $
rpi3:/ $
rpi3:/ $
rpi3:/ $
rpi3:/ $
Who knows why does it? Thank you

Hi, guys.
I just want to test Android Things DevP2, but my PC doesn't want to identify RPi3 via adbtool. Is it possible now to connect RPi3 via USB and deploy .apk usual way?

What I think, regarding Android Things, is instead of doing addition or omission of features, it should rather have 3 stages of OS.
1. Having all features that Android phone has in addition to GPIO support for Industrial Application.
2. Optimal features to fit optimum projects.
3. Streamlined, cut-down version of Android that fits into very small embedded systems application.
If only one product comes to the market, complain will always exist.

Hi, everyone, i also have use the android things DP1 on my rpi3 board.And i find the pages of android things says google will provide bsp and update image to board.Now, i want to portting android things to my custom imx6ul board.I only found the brillo source code, not the newest android things.So, i have some questions for this.
1.Is google will open source the source code in future?When?
2.Is brill source code same as android things?

Hi, I need rfid reader and NFC communication for home project.
What device (brand) do you suggest? (for HCE and rfid like anti theft).
How do I connect and develop software to communicate with it?
Thank you

Got trouble on the user space driver for sensor type Sensor.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD_UNCALIBRATED. Program will crash on unintened android.intent.action.DYNAMIC_SENSOR_CHANGED. If change type to Sensor.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD, then everything is OK. Any comments?

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I've written a very simple MPR121 driver for Android Things, to start playing with capacitive sensors, and discover how to communicate via I2C.

The driver is available here:

And here's a detailed article, if you want to get started porting Arduino libraries to Android Things:

Someone could give me information on the minimum system requirements to run Android things.
Any official documents?
Thank you
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