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Learn how Deeplocal used Android Things with computer vision and machine learning to create engaging robots.

If you attended any of our developer events in 2017, you got to see the DrawBot and HandBot projects in action. The agency that built them both, Deeplocal, has posted the projects on so you can discover how to build one for yourself! We've also got some fun videos to showcase each project.

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[OTA Update] Hi guys, have you experienced any issue with the OTA updates? I keep having "est. 0 counts" displayed in the android Things console while the update is indeed rolled out on my 2 devices. Moreover, the OTA update seems to reset the config.txt file which I need to override to have a proper display on my monitor (overscan disabled by default on DP6), any workaround?

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I'm developing an Android Things app (Dev Preview 6.1, Raspberry Pi) with a GATT server. When a connected client app disconnects, my device has stopped advertising. However, the custom client app (out of my control) is written in such a way that it needs to disconnect between reads/writes, then reconnect.

I know that I can restart advertising upon disconnect, but since it has a new (pseudo-)MAC address, the client can't automatically reconnect.

FWIW, I see the same behavior in this sample (& using nRF Connect as a test clinet):

Is there way to keep the GATT server advertising in this case? Or can I specify the advertised device address so that I can keep it consistent across advertisements?

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I'm trying to understand which Firebase product I should use. I created an app where to put it simply, i'd like to send an image, a video, or some text to my IoT device from my companion app. I reused some code of the Doorbell example and it's been working so far, but I noticed that pictures taken with my phone are huge and thus limit me in the development of my app. I need to do a lot of testing but my 10 GB downloaded limit will be soon over so i guess i'm not using the good product here. Somehow with 7 pictures taken, i'm already up to 370 MB downloaded.

I don't want to store the data to have a backup, i'd like just to send them to the device then delete them from the database.

Could someone guide me please?

Have a nice day!

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I'm continuously running into storage issues when deploying on my RPI3s.

Would appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions.

I'm trying to Close and Open for every activity, sometime while im trying to open UART its showing Exception: UART cant android.os.ServiceSpecificException: UART0 is already in use (code 16)

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I published a short Medium post today on #AndroidThings and the use cases for different types of hardware in IoT. We've gotten lots of great feedback from developers over the past year, and this issue of hardware compute power comes up a lot. Hopefully you find this post useful!

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Hi. Have any of you got any experience using U-Blox Lte with Android Things?
U-Blox has some documentation on using the Android Radio Interface Layer and it seems promising.

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The Pico imx6ul board has a really high CPU usage by default. It seems there are two kernel worker threads that are using 65% cpu at idle. This is a brand new board without any APK installed yet. I find this issue on both the 6.0 and 6.1 versions of Android things. When flashing the Argon imx6ul board, these worker threads don't appear and the CPU is 90% idle. I can't find out what is causing this, as 'perf' is not available as part of the build. Any idea what's going on here?
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