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Today we released Developer Preview 6 (DP6) of Android Things, which includes new features that incorporate feedback from developers. DP6 is now based on API 27, and supports the latest Google Play Services 11.6 SDK features

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The device setup experience was improved through a new command-line utility for flashing and an enhanced Launcher UI that allows developers to configure WiFi, check for updates, and see the local I/O pin mappings. The Android Things Console has been updated and DP6 includes a new partition scheme, so developers will need to reflash existing devices. Support for WebView, TextureView, and OpenGL is now possible across all supported devices. New APIs enable control of local device settings, and over-the-air updates.

Hi, I'm struggling with the polling of user sensors, I've followed the same architecture as in the driver contrib, I receive one onSensorChanged when registering the sensor and then nothing. I've tried registering the sensor with a sampling period of SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL and SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST, I've tried using different value for setMaxDelay in the UserSensor.Builder, but no luck so far. Am I missing something?

I'm visiting something strange(Raspberry PI) . After upgrading to dp0.6, anytime I start the application from android studio it seems to be that TWO instances of the Application are running. To remove this behaviour, I have to reboot the device, or uninstall the old apk und install a new one.

Am I the only one visiting this strange behaviour?



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How can I connect to bluetooth speaker with Android things (RP3)?
After discovering bluetooth device with bluetooth adpater, I can get the BluetoothDevice from BluetoothDevice.ACTION_FOUND intent.

I want to pair with the device but I can't find the way. Maybe there's no system ui regarding this and no permission to confirm on the app.

Could you please share the bluetooth pairing procedure with android things?

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I am a full stack developer.
A week before I got Andriod IOT things at GDD India 2017 event.
I am new to IOT and android things,
I followed this link ( to assemble the kit.

I like to use IOT camera to stream the video to my phone.
Can someone help me(with a valid tutorial link to achieve my idea?

Thanks in advance,


I want to store images taken from raspberry PI camera to firebase realtime database (base on user). Is there any way to capture user specific data in firebase with android things.

user1: "Image",
user2: "Image",
Can i use firebase anonymous auth and how it works?

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Hi today I have successfully ran weather stations sample by using PICO Pro Maker Kit and Rainbow Hat thank you Google once again for that useful knowledge with hardware kit #GDD 🇮🇳

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When I installed and try to bit Android things,, just shows coloured screen why??? 🤔😔😣😣

DP6 on RPi3 and official 7 inch display which is 800x480 pixels.
Android Things reports density of 240dpi upon first fresh install. How correct is that calculation/specification?
I always set 160dpi and everything fits on the screen.

All sizes seem unrealistically large, double the size, on 240dpi.
But on 160dpi even vector drawables seem distorted and jagged.

I know this is a limitation of hardware and, let's face it, a crappy display. But can someone confirm this 240dpi density is correct?
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