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I toasted my Chrome bookmarks yesterday.
I haven't used bookmarks in years, relying on wikis and similar. Using multiple, and shared, computers made it futile.
Chrome's synchronization got my passively using these but started actively 6 months ago. I was very discouraged, and now very thankful to have found this back-up How-To and my own .bak file. Still going to treat this like a clean-slate, but saved the backup file for later review & digging when I can't remember something.

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We hacked on the holiday buzzers (halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas) at the last meeting.
These ran off 2 or 3 1.5v button batteries, with a common pcb contact switch.
1. When run in series, the buzzers would trigger each other.
2. When run in parallel, they must be triggered individually.
3. 12V burns them out. >: )

Given they run on 3/5 volts, I later kicked myself from not driving one from an Arduino.
I'd suggest doing this for the Soldering class.

Looking forward to trying different proximity sensors with Richard's halloween gag.

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We have continued holding smaller informal meetups on the second and fourth Monday throughout the busier summer months. As summer draws to a close we will begin themed meetings again. The August 22nd meeting will focus on wireless communication. An XBee board set and a 1sheeld Bluetooth Arduino shield will be experimented with as well as any other communication boards people bring. If you have anything that fits the theme please bring it along. The 3d printers and other equipment will also be available. We will be meeting in the McMillian Memorial Library Digital Media Studio from 6:30pm-8:00pm.

If you haven’t yet, consider subscribing to the Meetup page.

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Okay guys, the printer appears to be on the home stretch but I could use some help. The next bunch of steps include wiring and soldering so I could use an extra pair of eyes and some soldering skills. If you are bored I will be at the library all day tomorrow (Saturday).

Does anyone have a set of multi meter probes they can loan the library? I need to map the wires on the 3d printer.

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Join us in the McMillan Memorial Library studio room at 6:30pm on June 13th for our “Show and Tell” maker meeting. Bring along any projects you have been working on, or ideas for projects you would like to start. We will also discuss group plans for the rest of summer and early fall.

If you have not yet subscribed to our Meetup page please do
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