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Together We Will Change Our Tomorrow

Indians are kindhearted by design, which is, in fact, known as our cultural attribute across the globe. This characteristic has been in our numerous cultural and religious books and stories, with which we have been brought up. Although there are kind-hearted people everywhere, Indians have shown exemplary kindness not only within the country but elsewhere as well. Floods have wreaked havoc on the structural integrity of Kerala, which has shaken the entire country. Being an Indian, there is a kind heart in each one of us, who is willing to help those who need it, and we are no exception. A lot of physical and financial help has poured in, from the entire country, but it is still too less when compared to the loss which has been inflicted. Therefore, every bit is still welcomed.

6 years ago, around the same time, we came together as an organization to work for science and technology, to work for scientists working for humanity, to work for skill development, to work for knowledge dissemination and enhancement, to work for sharing experiences and to work for better quality of life. Today again, we have come together to support, to help, to build quality, to change and to improve a lot of things in the life of our brothers and sisters, who are in trouble, who are destitute and who are sick and suffering. We have taken up this activity as our corporate social responsibility and invite you all to motivate us and support this cause.

Charity begins at home and therefore, the team at SELECT BIOSCIENCES INDIA has contributed Rs 500/- each from their salary for this charitable cause. We are sending this contribution for Kerala Flood Relief (Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund).

Moving further, for this cause, we have decided to contribute Rs 500/- per delegate (industry/academic), out of the registration fee received for each of the delegate, who registers for our forthcoming conferences. This amount generated from our forthcoming Mumbai meetings "Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality" and "Advances in Food and Beverage Analysis", will be donated for Kerala Flood Relief. This applies to the registration fee of all those who have already registered for these events (for IT rebate under Section 80G, please contact us, before we send it). Although this contribution is too small to bring a smile to those who have lost their home and people, still we hope it will be of some use to someone who needs it the most. We wish to continue our endeavor to help our countrymen in the need of an hour in future also.

In order to spread awareness, we have launched a campaign from September 10-17, 2018 for all those who know us or have been associated with us, in the past or present or are in touch with us, in one way or the other and for the entire biosciences fraternity who might attend our event in future to like and support this activity. Even if you are not attending our events, please like and share our page, picture, tweet, posts, blog etc. and participate in our activities to show that Together We Will Bring About a Change.

Look forward to seeing you as a part of our activity.


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