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1: No bullying
2: No Cussing
3: No mating (Having mates is okay just no mate role play)
4: No powerplay Ex: Bites leg off and kill
5: Have fun!

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PICTURE TAKEN BY ME. (This is my cat)
Name: AngelFlakes
Rank: Leader
Mate: ?
Crush: ?
Kits: ?
Bio: Strong, caring she will help all in need even from other Clans. Although she is quite jumpy at times.

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Name: Owlfeather
Gender: Female
Clan: Dawnclan
Rank: Warrior
Personality: A bit stuck-up and finicky, yet ultimately a kind and generous warrior. She spends a good portion of her day grooming her tortoiseshell pelt. She's very swift and adores (to eat) chipmunks.
Appearance: Picture taken by my grandmother of our cat Charlie.
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