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An Amazing Adventures and Incredible Exploits Community?
(Seems redundant)
It’s pretty much all the same people from the gaming group… Why?
I’m hoping someday there will be a few more people stopping by here to leave ideas, stories, and questions.
With the game getting played at Cons and what not, who knows?
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Started reworking thieves of the iron city the other day. I did not like how our tests went.. not a huge re build bit I want smoother combat. More to come.

I'm ready to start working on stuff again.. any suggestions?

The first public game of Blocks actually happened yesterday at the SWA Game-a-thon in Schenectady. Fun was had by all.

So convention plans this year...

AAIE is being run twice at Dreamation in February. Carolyn is going to run a game of AAIE in the Contessa track at Gen Con.

Gaming in the Woods is tenatively happening Memorial Day weekend. Stuff will be run there.

Blocks is likely being run at a Game-a-thon next month at Proctors, up near Albany.

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The first public playtest of Battles of Ludonia will be happening this Saturday at the SWA Game-a-thon in Schenectady.

So a thought on the cloning tubes... I think it should be called ClonePaste.

It should also come in different varieties... Obviously, the PCs will use the cheap version that causes genetic abnormalities (mutations.) It should have a giant warning label on the back, to that effect.

The better grade of it shouldn't cause mutations. Or maybe the better grade doesn't come in a tube. Maybe it comes in a bucket.

Option for the weapon table... Stan setting. Your weapon does double damage to anyone named Stan.
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