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So... once upon a time, I took a break from the Internet.
During this time I did many things. I meditated, I slept, I read, I wrote, and I recorded this cover. I had originally done this cover back in February of 2017, and seeing it a year later, I said to myself "Girl, you suck. There are so many ways that you can make that better" So I decided to recover this song to apply some of those ideas, including a new part in the bridge.
I'm not sure why I never posted this sooner. I found it on my camera roll about a week ago, and I was like "damn, is that me" I looked down plot twist it is me.
So if you haven't seen it yet please check out the full cover, the link is in my bio.
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"I love everything you do, when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do, wanna ride my bike with you, fully undressed no training wheels left for you!"
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#MelanieMartinez I think that she is amazing and beautiful and I love her because she is honest.

can everyone please share this community to their page so it if more likely to be seen? Thanks

I love Melanie
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