Just glancing around at different groups and implementations of the Open D6 system.  This one looks pretty good.  Comparing to other pulp era games I can see where D6 would work as well as them and perhaps better than.

Adventure: Terrifying Trouble on the Island Out of Time. Episode 1. Part 5. Previously, our hereoes had just fought off some Carniverous Compsognathuses! While our heroes collected themselves, Jack Aerbornne noticed a cave towards the east and the rest of our heroes proceeded along the beach in that direction. After some time, Ivan noticed some noise behind him, he turned around to see six pirates! Ivan charged the pirates and knocked out one of them with a mighty blow. A firefight ensued and during that fight, Ivan knocked out a pirate with his own rifle, and Daniel Bronzevalley was shot in the gut by a pirate’s flintlock pistol. Gurdy ate one of the pirates and after the fight was over, Dr. Edwin Oxide patched up Daniel’s wound. He then sent Jack Aerbornne and Ivan Sokov to go find some water. While they were gone, Dr. Edwin Oxide noticed a figure in the Jungle, a Utahraptor! Thinking fast, he fashioned a stun grenade out of gunpowder and other materials and charged at the raptor, hooting and throwing the makeshift stun grenade. It worked and scared off the raptor! Meanwhile, Jack Aerbornne and Ivan found a stream. A flask of water was filled, and Jack was sent back to the rest of the group with the flask to tell them of the stream. Ivan stayed by the stream and climbed a nearby tree to get a better view of the area. Jack made it back and told the rest of the group and they made their way back to the stream. Ivan made sure they weren't followed, and then hopped down the tree. Our heroes rested a little by the stream and then continued on their way to the cave. What could be in the cave? Will out heroes find Dr. Radon's research team? Find out next time!

Adventure: Terrifying Trouble on the Island Out of Time. Episode 1. Part 6. Last time, Our heroes ran into Utahraptors and discovered a stream on their way to the cave. After more walking, our heroes made it to the cave and the brave Ivan Sokov went in first to make sure it was safe. Once inside the cave, he noticed a strange light! Ivan decided to  follow this light and found Dr. Radon and his assigned guard, Sergeant Justice! Ivan Sokov signaled for the rest of the group to come inside the cave. Sergeant Justice warned Ivan Sokov to not be too loud, because he might attract unwanted attention. The rest of our honorable heroes journeyed into the cave. Dr. Radon and Dr. Edwin Oxide recognized each other from their days in graduate school. Dr. Radon then told the party about Captain Bloodbeard’s pirates, the very pirates that attacked our heroes earlier! Dr. Radon also discussed the fact that nothing seems to age on the island, and about a nazi submarine towards the north side of the island. A way for the party to escape this island! Unfortunately, Dr. Radon informed our heroes that because of the cliff that this cave inhabits, they will not be able to go around to the north side along the beach, they will have to go through the inland jungle, where the bigger dinosaurs are, and there are still plenty of Nazis guarding the submarine. How will our heroes make it out of this one? Tune in next time to find out!

Adventure: Terrifying Trouble on the Island Out of Time. Episode 1. Part 4. Last time, Our magnificent heroes appeared on a strange island out of strange flashes of light. Dr. Edwin Oxide, with his trusty Gurdy, the  Red-Tailed Venezuelan Black Panther and Daniel Bronzevalley were surveying the area, to get a better idea of their new surroundings.  After a little bit of time, Dr. Oxide noticed a small reptilian looking head poke out of the bush that he and Daniel Bronzevalley were standing next to. The creature then hopped out of the bush and Dr. Oxide realized that it was a Compsognathus, a long extinct dinosaur! More proceeded to jump out of the bush.  Meanwhile, Ivan Sokov was resting by a tree and four more of those Compys surrounded the unaware Ivan. Jack Aerbornne warned Ivan about the creatures and then they jumped on Ivan Sokov's back! Then the rest of the Compys over by the Doctor and Daniel attacked.  Ivan grabbed two of the Compys off of his back and crushed them in his mighty hands, the other two jumped off of his back and ran away, leaving scars on Ivan’s back. Daniel, Gurdy, Jack and Ivan were then able to dispatch the Compys that were by Dr. Edwin Oxide and Daniel Bronzevalley. How could this island have long extinct, living dinosaurs on it? How will our heroes be able to take on this new threat? Find out next time, brave readers!

Adventure: Terrifying Trouble on the Island Out of Time. Episode 1. Part 3.  Previously, our heroes and their plane all disappeared, piece by piece in flashes of strange lightning. With a flash of light, Daniel Bronzevalley appeared over an Island’s beach and fell to the sand. He tried to gather himself and then with a flash, Gurdy appeared and fell on his legs! With some quick thinking, our hero was able to get Gurdy off of his legs and saw bits of the plane appear in flashes above the beach around him. With another flash, Dr. Edwin Oxide appeared in a tree, still strapped in his chair at the edge of the jungle, near the beach that Daniel and Gurdy appeared at. Then with another flash, Jack Aerbornne appeared and fell to the sand. Then with another flash, Ivan and the remainder of the plane fell into the ocean. Ivan swam to shore, then him and Daniel started to climb the tree that the Doc was stuck in. Ivan got him out of his seat and Daniel surveyed the area from the treetop. Daniel then climbed down and surveyed the area more with Dr. Edwin Oxide.  How could this have happened? What strange island have they been transported to? Find out next time!

+Cameron Faulkenburg +Oliver Queen - If you guys need another player/playtester please do let me know! Also, if you have Thrilling Adventures material, or ideas that you would like to contribute for Issue Number 7 of D6 Magazine, I'd be more than happy to talk.

Made some changes to the Advantages/Disdvantages, please take a look and comment.

Adventure: Terrifying Trouble on the Island Out of Time. Episode 1. Part 2. Last time, our heroes had just left the military base to go investigate what happened to Dr. Radon and his research team. After some time in the beautiful blue sky, the plane got to the bit of ocean known as “The Bermuda Triangle”. Jack Aerbornne noticed some clouds but didn’t think they seemed dangerous. However, shortly after flying into the clouds, there was severe turbulence and Jack saw flashes of crazy looking lightning in the clouds. With a flash, a portion of the right wing disappeared, with another flash, another part, then another and another! Flashes of the weird lightning kept striking around the plane! Daniel Bronzevalley disappeared in a flash! Shortly after him, Gurdy disappeard in another flash which took part of the upper hull in the back with her, then the doctor, then the front nose of the plane, then Jack! Ivan Sokov was sucked out of the hole made in the hull, from the lightning strike that took Gurdy away! Shortly after, Ivan disappeared with a flash mid-maniacal laugh. After that, the remainder of the plane disappeared.  What could be the meaning of those weird lightning flashes? What has become of our heroes? Find out next time, readers!

Adventure: Terrifying Trouble on the Island out of Time. Episode 1. Part 1. We join back with our heroes, after some rest after their adventure in the jungles of Venezuela.  James Suave has been sent to go on his own missions for the great  American Military. In his place, a Pugilist of Russian blood, Ivan Sokov was assigned. While at the military base, our intrepid heroes were informed on their next mission by their commanding officer, Colonel Buffpunch. The team has been tasked  to go investigate what happened to a research team that has gone missing in a stretch of ocean near the Bahamas. Wasting no time at all, our heroes got aboard their newly assigned plane and they met the massive, muscle-bound, Ivan Sokov, their new compatriot. The giant Ivan Sokov had few words to say as he boarded the plane alongside Jack Aerbornne, Daniel Bronzevalley, Dr. Edwin Oxide and his trusty feline companion, Gurdy, the Venezuelan Red-Tailed Panther. After a short amount of time, our honorable heroes departed and made their way to the last known location of Dr. Radon’s  research team.  What could have caused the disappearance of Dr. Radon? How will our Heroes handle having this new addition to the team? Found out in the next installment!

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