Ok today I want to go further into my beauty segment... I'll start with the eyes. They say that eyes are a portal to the soul. Then your soul is like Narnia. A beautiful land with its scars. You have wonderful eyes. Bright enough to seem happy but deep enough to show the sadness...

Hey sorry about not posting yesterday... My mom took up the phone. So for yesterday I want to thank you. I am grateful that you are a great Freind and a amazing person. Thank you for being a nice person. Thank you

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And for the today's post I wanted to give a thousand words. But I can't type that many so here's a picture

Today I'm going to talk about the things you can do. You are more powerful than you can imagine. You even brought me and +WarandNoHarmony The pony of Madness​ together. We stopped fighting beacuse of you. You can do great things. If you realize that no one will ever stop you.

Ok today I'm going to talk about your imperfections. You know the things that make you feel bad about your self. From a bad hair day to acne remember even in imperfections you are still perfect because inside imperfections is perfect im perfect tions see

I know she left but I feel like I owe it to her to continue.
I wrote a poem about her here it goes.

When you started I tried to support you
But I was too dumb too
Realize sooner now I miss you
I miss you and I'm too late
To help your fate
I can't escape
I'm too late

+*****​ame I can't let you leave I haven't finished my challenge. Wait till my thirty days are up wait and see if you want to then if you do I won't stop you.

Good morning. Today I want to comment about your personality. You have an amazing personality. Your funny, fun , kind, and overall friendly. I wish that there were more people like you living on earth. Heck it'd be better if there was more people like you in my school. You are strong. You stuck to your opions even when they weren't popular. Or even when you got persecuted. I couldn't ever be that strong.
You are loved, Caleb

As the first post I want to focus on your beauty.
You are beautiful. If anyone says otherwise they are idiots. I have seen pictures of you and the only thing that I didn't like was that I wasn't there in person.
You are loved

i wanted to say, fucm what the others think of your beauty just know that we all end up the same in the end...inside a coffin waiting for the horns to play.. (lol I'm Christian)
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