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Okay so before you guys make one I want you to read this Its important

If they have flowers on there tails they start off as buds and grow as they grow same thing for the horns. They also are pretty small but grow the size of a normal pony when they get older. They are born with the vines and stars. They start off with light colors but then when they grow older there colors darken
Spacial Trees start off with light colors but they get darker as they grow They cannot have black coats nor white. The stars are either white or yellow, vines are brown or green and the leaves can be any normal leave color as for markings they can be any dark color. Markings count horns. Flowers can be any normal flower color.
They are more on the shy side of things but they still can be pretty talkative. There isn't much to say about there personality but they are pretty social
They usually live in the forests at the top of trees so they are closer to the sky and away from predators. They originally came from space but grew to stay on land/trees.
They are very protective and when they feel threatened they stand tall and fluff themselves up to make them selves look taller -If they have wings they will extend there wings. If they have horns they will face there horns towards the enemies.

If you do make one Tag me

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I did a sketch for one... I don't have a name or color palette for em... Any ideas?

hi thanks for the invite

I am gonna make that contest now
Okay this is to be able to co-own Spacial trees
No its not a drawing competition, I just want you to fill out this sheet then pick a number between 30 because you will also be mod
Why you would be a good mod:
Why you would be a good co owner
First: Co- ownership. Mod, and two customs and a custom of a spacial tree
Second: two customs and a spacial tree
Third: A spacial tree
Mmm there you go
There won't be a deadline

Mmm I'm posting a lot Oh well
I am doing a contest tomorrow to see if anyone wants to Co-Own These babes
Cause I will need help
That will also make you a mod
But I am tired so it will be tomorrow


Wow people are joining quickly thanks guys!
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