Hi All, I love this game. I'm a cosplayer and would love to take a proper look at the armour models in 3ds max. does anyone know if it's possible to import the .obj files ? , i just get failures :(

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Here is a test video, the mission from Breed SP Demo v1.0, edited a bit

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When trying to run breed this is all I get, I've restarted like 10 times and nothing changes, can anyone help?

Trying to get ahold of a copy of this old game, anyone got any ideas?

I'm trying to port v1.0 singleplayer demo to v0.6 beta demo, but it suddenly crashes when trying to render something. How do I debug the game?

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Pls Game Downlaod i Player Dis Game a 8 yer but I now 15 I love dis Game Pls Link to Downlaod pls

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This is quite a late message, but this program will solve any problem we have in multiplayer. By using this Virtual Lan program, we can play Breed in multiplayer wihtout any problem.


you just install the program, create an account and add your friends to your party and its all Done. you then just need to select LAN mode in Breed and its done. :) - just copied this for people whom aren't in the group on yahoo and also it isn't by me xD

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Breed 2013 10 14 11 48 33 694
darker, much darker version of "first contact"
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