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Caldera Greens is a ‘concentrated’ nutritious whole food offering balanced nutrition to the body. Caldera Greens powder, like most types of vegetable powders, is very easily digested by the body, thus allowing the body to use its nutrients within a matter of minutes. It also has very strong alkalizing effects on the body. As a blend of barley, alfalfa, wheat, and oat grass juice powders and a blend sea vegetation (spirulina, dulse, kelp, dunaliela salina) can supply all the nutrients which the human body needs from birth to old age. We should really waste no time in making it a regular part of our diets! Caldera Greens is the highest quality whole food juice powder of its type. Why Caldera Greens Is the Best. Our supplier has been in business since 1978.. They are fully integrated -- they own the farm the food is grown on, they process the crops when harvested, and they package the product. They are in complete control of this high quality process from soil to bottling. The barley, alfalfa, wheat, and oats are grown on a caldera. This is a convex volcanic crater much like Yellowstone Park. The volcanic soil on this caldera is extremely rich in minerals and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is nature's very best natural electrolyte. All of this is evident when you experience how effective these greens are personally. Within five hours of harvest, all of these crops are juiced and then the juice concentrate is dropped through the 100 foot tall dryers of our supplier's amazing proprietary drying process. Within 30 seconds in the dryer, 95% of the water is removed and the juice becomes a powder. All of this is accomplished at an average temperature of only 88º Fahrenheit. This is the most non-invasive, low temperature processing in the industry. I know of no other supplier that has a drying process at temperatures this low. Again, all of this happens within 5 hours of harvest. This food is alive! All the enzymes and soil based organisms are intact.

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How to make a vegan sausage that you can serve for any meal-Made from black beans & spices-Freeze slices for convenience

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Healthy Living. Superfoods, MOA. Is a Superfoods
Watch this amazing Video about MOA. And Check out the amazing products

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Looking for entrepreneurs and people that want to improve their health and wealth with a water product

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Wendy Shares Her Experiences Using #Medicinal #Herbal Tonic Known As #VelociTea #DetoxTea #Detox #Herb #Tea

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Healthy dinner or supper meal that is an alternative to a favorite recipe of many people

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