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Over all knowledge about Foxist:
Foxist are elegant and shy creatures, they usually come out just as the sun does.
Their diet contains berries, soft fruit skins and leafs, they usually live in caves and try to avoid being around bigger creatures than them. Foxist though shy, once friends will protect and love you.
They're about the size of of a baby lion.
They communicate through sound, being as they have no eyes they use echolocation to "see" hence such big ears. Since a human or other animals might not be too keen as to what their noises mean, they also use dance to express emotions.

Though its rare that they'll ever get mad, if you ever manage to piss one off it'll be the worst thing you could do. If one goes feral so do the others, and they usually travel in gorges (packs) for safety.

If a Foxist dies, they Usually become skull Foxist, or ghost. Rarely will they ever truly leave this earth, they act as guardians for the younger Foxist.

Rage mode:
coming soon in drawing
They seem to break, their fur becomes matted and spiked. Their heads seem to become mask, a row of teeth springing from underneath and claws to boot.
(Base by +Skye CanTasteRainbows​​​​​​​)

1) you may make up to 3
2) you cannot make adopts without rights
3) no one except the owners and mods can make Legendaries even if you have rights
4) be respectful to each other I cannot stress enough that nothing gets you kicked faster than being rude to me, mods or members
5) you're always welcomed to make one! There's no myo event, but as stated you can only make 3 Before you have to pay
6) do not talk back to a mod or owner, we are here to help and correct mistakes, we're not here to attack you

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drew a quick image of mine and +Eyeless Esme Zodiac Foxist, Her Capricorn is showing who's boss

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Libra Enraged

I know not many will know what this is but it's a species made by a friend and well enjoy the art haha

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Can I gets bab approved

Name : slanesh
Nickname: n/a
Gender: female
Type: bald foxist
Age: 43
Pob: the warp
Dob: 21/01/ 17 (i created her on my b day)
Sexuallity: bisexual
Personally : sadistic
Siblings: n/a
Likes: having a good time
Dislikes: ummm
Hobbies: I'm not going there
Powers: I don't think this is the right place for this
Fears: being forgotten
Short bio :
Slanesj is a bisexual bomb shell that loves to have a good time

I'll color her as soon as I can get something to do that with

Ok I have a couple questions
1) can only certain people make zodiac (?) Foxest If it's ok I would really like to make my 2nd one off my hubbys zodiac
2) can one of the owers/ mods pm me Idk how to handle a problem

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Here is mine,it is based off of the Capricorn zodiac

I'm making a zodiac one if I'm allowed to make one I might make it after my zodiac. Are you allowed to make one?

Eek i have a question

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HOWDY! I have just recently made these legendary zodiac adopts, one of a kind. So for 100 points i will be selling the ones that are remained here, so obviously the ones that arent crossed are for sale.
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