We will have a new episode out and up shortly!

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So much shame eating...
TOC #183: Donut Hubris

Travis feels like he’s grown up, marriage is a competition and there’s a lot of talk of donuts.

Good News / Bad News - Good News: we're planning a "donut battle" for the show. :) Bad News: no new show this week. :(

I mean, we've all had dreams where we've pushed into the vacuum of space & then realizing all of our memories and emotions are false, right?

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As the kids say, "New fire!"
Or as I say, "Here's our latest offering."
TOC #182: Tiny Odd Dreams

We explore some weird dreams we’ve had.

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Our latest audio baby.
We find a box of forgotten shame, Brandi worries about a stranger and more Rage Wood updates.

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It's a little late, but here's the new episode!
We got a new desk, Travis lost his job AND pulled a prank and we discuss our dream scenario for doing the show.

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Behold the Rage Desk!
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We put out a new episode!
Kids shouldn’t say certain things, peacocks are jerks and we are in a transition phase.

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And we're back!
TOC #177: Rage Wood Decisions

It’s hard making friends as an adult, Leroy goes to the beach and we are having furniture made.
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