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Stop complaining and keep fighting fellow res agents. As Hobbes points out, the score is still Q to 12 😁😁😁

#calvinball #joking #wecantdoanythingbutlaughaboutit #calvinheliosball #shartifacts

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I imagine this is what an ENL portal looks like when it's destroyed!

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Just came across this, The Art of Ingress. 34 pages based on The Art of War. Been around a while, but new players (like me) may not be aware of it.

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The three major companies involved in XM research are combining into The Consortium...
+Hulong Transglobal, +Visur Technology and +IQTech Research have come to an agreement, and thanks to the NIA's Ken Owen, they will sit at the same table and begin to share resources to support each other through the crisis brought on by +Devra Bogdanovich's Portal Virus.  

The Consortium has been formed. Its first order of business will be to bring a team of former Niantic Researchers together to begin to study the effects of the Portal Virus, and ultimately, how the power contained within the  #Helios  Artifacts may impact the Portal Network when, if, they are activated.

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My favourite Resistance poster so far

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And to be fair, here's a great Enlightened poster

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Finally we get a proper look at what we've been looking forward to for some time! Each Scanner Teardown post had me salivating, and now we can finally see it!

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If this is your first night on Ingress...
The first 2 are for around loved ones unless they too are involved

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Artifacts are on the move!
Artifact n°3 successfully transferred to Rimouski, Canada

The 11/08/2014 Artifact n°3 unexpectedly appeared around 2AM UTC+2 in the little village of Penmach, Brittany, France.

Agent @Maxlamenace, who was not asleep yet, immediately jumped in his car and drove all the way to the portal, where he arrived around 4AM. He guarded tirelessly the portal the whole night and was joined in the morning by Agent @Kyredor. Kyredor being only L6 at the time, they were not able to upgrade the portal to L7 in order to move the Artifact.  Around midday, agent @Yannoux joined them, bringing with him batteries, hot coffee, and lunch for everyone. He was quickly joined by Resistance Agent @gronaz who brought beers. gronaz also tried to steal the Artifact but eventually he failed.The portal could not be upgraded to L7 yet but while the three Enlightened agents were waiting, hundreds of Hangouts were opened and slowly a plan was conceived.
In the afternoon Agent @Francky4fingers joined the Enlightened crew and they had to defend the portal against two Resistance Agents :@renard7 and @bidji. The Artifact jumped from instability to another portal at 3PM UTC+2. Resistance blockers were fired, but it was nothing of consequence and as we went into the evening, the whole Bay of Biscay was locked. Our goal was to shoot to Canada and we were quite happy to see that Resistance was forming a nice corridor for us.

We then decided to move the Artifact to the Pointe du Raz. Being the second westernmost location in France after Ouessant, that portal was ideal; it could not be blocked from France due to blockers established by Resistance and it was harder to reach. For that the decision was taken to split the group of now 6 L8 Agents into two teams : one team will go and prepare Pointe du Raz portal while the second team stay to defend the Artifact. Resistance Agent Bidji came back and tried to steal the Artifact at 10PM, by ADAing the portal at the last minute and linking to Cairn de Gavrinis, an unreachable tiny island. Hopefully the portal was taken down almost immediately and the Artifact didn’t jump. At 11PM, despite Bidji still being here and attacking the portal, the Artifact was successfully moved to its launchpad at Pointe du Raz. Maxlamenace, holder of the two VRLAs necessary for the link, jumped in his car again and drove to Pointe du Raz, hoping to link to Canada for midnight. Meanwhile, Enlightened Agent @ByteOrder who drove all the way from Rennes was finally at Pointe du Raz with Canadian keys.

Just before 00:00 UTC+2 Canadian agents @Vorticon69 and @Oscassey finished cleaning in Rimouski but the target portal could not be upgraded to L7 due to the lack of only 1 R7. Reinforcement were on their way and Resistance was nowhere to be seen both in France and in Canada. At 1AM, Enlightened Agent @Morg4n4 from Spain killed the Spain<>Ireland link with an ADA, thus opening the way to Canada. At 1:45AM Agents @Sonate21, @Xearus and @Karyann arrived at Rimouski and upgraded the target portal to L7.
Agents in France were about to link when Murphy’s law came into play; phones and batteries were suddenly malfunctioning. At 1:57AM  two Rare Link Amp and two Very Rare Link Amps were deployed on the L7 portal and less than a minute later, a beautiful 4582km link was crossing the Atlantic Ocean, from Pointe du Raz, France to Rimouski, Canada. A few seconds after 2AM the two sides confirmed that the Artifact successfully jumped.

Many thanks to all the agents involved, including :
Maxlamenace, VLRAs holder, guarded the Artifact for 22h non-stop
Kyredor, L6, guarded the Artifact for 14h non-stop
Yannoux, brought lunch, batteries and coffee
Francky4fingers, guarded the artifact and brought lunch in the evening
YeahYeahYeah and Cataract, drove all the way from Quimper to Pointe du Raz and stayed there until the end
ByteOrder, linker, brought the Canadians keys from Rennes
Mogg, coordinator and operator for Noirmoutier team (blockers takedown)
Vorticon69 and Oscassey, cleaners in Rimouski

#IngressArtifacts   #Helios   #IngressReport  
+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 
+Ingress +Niantic Project 
Artifact 3 - Report
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Portal Submission Tracker, a very handy tool if you've submitted more than a couple of portals!
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