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Foxy hates Mangle

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( little roleplay ) sits at table eating pizza bc yea and mangle comes up and smacks me and makes me drop my pizza me: MANGLE WHAT THE HELL!?!? mangle: oops did I make u loose ur pizza like u made me loose my BOYFRIEND! me: FOXY NEVER LIKED YOU!!!!! Mangle: YES HE DID!!! me: screaming FOXY!!!!
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I need to be repaired 

Ahoy everyone and welcome to The Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay community.
If your new please read theses here rules or you'll be walkin' the plank
1. No cussing or your out of the community(only What the hell,etc)
2. Don't spam
3. Do not hate on people everyone fits in no matter what
4. If there's a roleplay going on with someone that your not apart of don't join it
5. Don't say that your a moderator because i will know if you are or not
That's the rules
Please follow them
-Zombiemurder33 (as Foxy)

(Roleplay for My friends and I) sits in pirates cove singing and then Mangle comes to me Mangle: Hi Foxy. stops singing Yar what is it Mangle.sounded sarcastic Mangle: Foxy why do you like Freddy girl and not me,we are both foxes.gets angry BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND MANGLE YOU ALWAYS RUIN MY LIFE!!! THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE YOU KNOW!!!!!
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