Runs in circles, running from a giant snake*Putopo: I *pant can't pant keep pant up pant Anderson!

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Name: Putopo
Age: 5
Gender: she
Species: Bokin
Bio: She was a small puppy killed by a snake. The last thing she heard from her master, Zack, was:"Dumb dog. You LET yourself get bit?! So pathetic."
Skills: bite 40 strike 30 Poison Fury 90 Super Strike 80
Friends: Anderson Dollin

Name: Momo Kurakamoto
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Yokai: Tomnyan and Komasan
Bio: Momo was just a normal kid until his relative gave him a black box he didn't know what it was until he opened it. That's when he saw the Yokai Watch U and when he put it on her decided to show his friends. But then he saw a button on and pushed it. And that's when Tomnyan showed up he was surprised! And Tomnyan was too, he asked him who he was, and Tomnyan soon greeted him. Momo thought maybe they would be friends with each other and Tomnyan agreed and gave him his medal.
And they have been together ever since!
Where he lives: San Fantástico

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Welcome all! If your stuck here's what you can do for profiles On yo kai.

Put your yo kai's name
Example: Jibanyan

Put your tribe
Example: Charming

Put Your Level:
Example: 17

Put your attacks and damage
Example: Scratch: 50, 37
Fire: 18
Paw Of fury: 6x9

Put your bio:
Example: a young cat who was hit by a car and was called lame by his owner. Even though she called the situation lame... Now called jibanyan he inspirts intersections and trains to beat up cars.

And a picture:
Example: Bottom Picture

Now you just wait til I say approved for you and your ready to roleplay

dont forget to add your gender!

Example: Male

If your stuck on being a human here's what you have to Do.

Put your name:
Example: Sans

Put your gender:
Example: Male

put your age: Must be at least 10 or older

Example: 12

Put a bio:
Example: A young boy who used to be a average kid until he earned the yo kai watch and found a yo kai named Jibanyan and they've been together ever since.

And of you want put all the yo kai you have:
It must be roleplayed by someone and has to be someone you've met and befriend.

Example: Jibanyan, Komasan, Peckpocket, Tomnyan, Komajiro, Hovernyan, Shogunyan, Master Nyada

It can be someone from the show too.

You can add a picture if you want!

Also put where you live!
Example: Breezy Hills

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Komajiro: This place looks no it just need some cleaning up

Eevee: yah maybe we can help if we where mods
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