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FOSS all the things!

We’re finally releasing the secret recipe for all of our features.

This includes Pie, Color Engine, Pocket Lock, Swiping Screenshot and Accidental Touch meaning all of you can have feature packed unofficial builds for your devices. We hadn’t done this already as we weren’t convinced enough that everything is polished the Paranoid Android way but we’re glad to say that it is now.

This gives you all the ability to play around with everything that makes PA different from anything else out there and we invite you to help us fix and also improve our features by contributing to our Gerrit.

Official community:


How much time will it take to accept an application?

i had applied for dev account and more than month and still pending
what wrong with this?
i want to upload my rom and use this service
that cuz the manual guide is kind hard to do
cuz its not simple in my opinion
now what?

Hey, I hope RomHut is still active, because I just applied for a developer account, and I need to host my temasek builds for OTA. 

I try install my Phone Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660M with your rom, but not found.
Exists any diference in GT-S5660 and GT-S5660M??
I need Help!!!.
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