Factions seem to be important. Of course for game play they are completely necessary. But, for purposes of Humans United, our faction is White. I have chosen white only because white is made up of all the colors of the spectrum. As a race, we incorporate all colors and include anyone who claims to be human. Sorry ADA, as much as I love you, you are not welcome except as an ally.

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I am once again having to remind people that we need a united human front. As Enlightened have now made it possible for Jarvis to probe Klue's mind, I am again saddened by Enlightened behavior and see an even greater need for a third party of Ingress. It is not right that Jarvis can probe Klue's mind. That should never happen to anyone against their will and I would argue even with their will it should not be allowed. It is a violation of EPIC proportions to invade someone's mind. Once again I am reminded of Shapers also violating us. Any invasion of our minds is unacceptable and completely inappropriate for any being to do. I am convinced that we must unite and stop all beings from ever messing with our minds in any way, shape or form.
As I have stated before I am for Enlightenment but I am starting to dislike Enlightened. This violation is completely unethical and against everything I stand for. I can not be part of the Resistance because we need Enlightenment and they as a whole do not follow that path. Therefore, once again I implore everyone to become a united human force and avert the disastrous consequences of the N'zeer and Shapers involvement in our lives.

I am endeavoring to make a United Human Alliance. We are currently being led by two opposing factions. The Enlightened and The Resistance.
The Enlightened generally support The Acolyte and The Resistance generally support Jahan. Both The Acolyte and Jahan, are self proclaimed leaders. There were no elections and we were given no choice. Both of them are also hiding things from us and not being completely honest. They both also have their own agendas which are not necessarily in the best interest of the human race.
The Acolyte believes in Enlightenment. Her version of Enlightenment involves a transdimensional, ultra powerful race known as the Shapers. The Shapers have been a part of the human race since the beginning of it. We attracted their attention because of our uniqueness. We know very little about the Shapers.
Jahan believes in another race known as the N'zeer. The N'zeer are also very powerful but don't seem to have always been a part of our evolution. We have gone to great lengths to try and keep their influence out
The N'zeer and the Shapers are enemies. What happens when two extremely powerful races decide to fight? The lesser beings get caught in the middle and destroyed. We are those lesser beings.
I am making this society, Humans United in an effort to try and protect our species from the influence of either race. It is my goal to gather as much information as possible to learn how to block the influence and ultimate destruction of our race by the N'zeer and the Shapers. I don't believe they can fight each other directly. I believe they can only fight through others. In this case, it means us.
We are learning enough to be able to use technology to stop them. I am asking for your support and your ideas to help protect the human race from destruction. As we have been warned repeatedly, we need to stop repeating the mistakes of the past. I believe following either the N'zeer or the Shapers is a mistake we will keep making until we make a united effort to stand together and stop them once and for all.
If you are interested in helping me on my quest to save our race, please feel free to join me in my efforts and follow me and give me your ideas and perspective. There are similar groups popping up here and there. But, I plan to work with everyone including Niantic, The Acolyte, Jahan and ADA and anyone else I can to try and understand the Aliens and learn the best way forward for all involved.
If you are looking for a hate group this isn't it. This is a group I am making for positive changes in our evolution. I am not against the Aliens, I am only against what their involvement means for our species, destruction, disharmony and discord.
I do not know if the Shapers or the N'zeer are good, bad or indifferent. I only know we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over by trying to follow either one.
To me, that is not a path to Enlightenment. I am completely for Enlightenment and I don't know anyone that isn't. But, allowing these alien beings to influence us is not a path to Enlightenment, only to our death.
So, please join me. Together we can reach Enlightenment and have a safe and peaceful planet in which to grow. Thank you, MB
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