Hi guys, My G+ score on EAV is a measly 1 :-p  I'm still learning how this all works, so you could say I'm overjoyed that this community is available to me!!  7 points seems like something all of us could achieve, so all the best to everyone else who's taking part in this.. :-)

HI everyone.  My EAV G+ Score is just 4 =) So I think raising it 7 points shouldn't be too hard =)  Let's make August a great month for us!

Added 125 people I've seen recently on EAV to my g+ circles in this community.  That should get things going!


Hi everyone.. well lets see. My G+ score is a massive 1. Thats uno numero. Lets see what happens eh :)

Mine is low, but I am new, so I don't know how it is calculated yet.

I've been experimenting with G+ again.  Back at Christmas time, my network score was around 25, then I (on purpose), stopped posting publicly for a while. Network Score fell back to 1-2 in just a few weeks.

On July 01, I made the decision to again post publicly (where deemed prudent). In the past month, my network score has increased to 9 through some testing. Starting today (as soon as my project is done) I will be going full boar again to see if I can increase my G+ Network.

I am a calorifically challenged weather nut, social media and tech junkie who enjoys conversation, and tea.

Consider following me, I will follow back.

I look forward to sharing with you all.

Here's a tool (actually 2) to uncircle inactive accounts and free up your circles:

Circloscope Free (Inactives+) Extension

Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+) Extension

Video tutorial
Google Plus Tip: How To CLEAN UP Your Circles on Google+

My Empire Avenue G+ score is only 9 today, with 2,002 in my circles.  I'm also not able to add any more people to circles - get this error message: "You've reached the maximum number of people you can add to your circles at this time." My goal is to engage more on G+ and to add another 1,000 in my circles by the end of the next 14 days.

My G+ Score is 31 now on EAV with 4200+ circled me and growing fast. I use CircleCount.com to monitor growth and I average around 50-60 new connections every day. I want to take that beyond 100 a day. My goal is to get to 10,000 connections by the end of August.
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