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This community is for fans of Dreamworks Shrek. The rules are below.

BULLYING- Do not bully others on this community if I think you're bullying you will be banned.

SPAM- Please do not post spam or you will receive a warning. Then a ban.

SHREK GAMES- If you are posting anything about OFFICIAL Shrek games licensed by Dreamworks keep it under general Shrek.

SHREK IS LOVE- Please do not post anything about that video as children could take it the wrong way if I see a post about it you will be banned.

SPOILERS- I you are talking about a Scene in a Shrek movie that is not commonly known by non-Shrek fans please post SPOILER WARNING at the top.

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What do you think of Shrek the Third.

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Decent movie 7/10
Piece of crap 1/10
Underrated movie 10/10
Decent movie 7/10
Piece of crap 1/10

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