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Here's the document created by teachers at the Unconference on robotics and arduinos

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Here is something from the flipped classroom unconference in addition to and

You can add it to your Chrome toolbar that basically hides all the video suggestions and comments on a youtube video (and more) when it's viewed by your students.

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Hack your school - how to solve problems creatively
Shekou Intl' School's ongoing process documented on the website below.


I'm Michael Waugh.  This is my second year at Brent Manila.  My wife, 2 year old daughter, and I moved from Oregon.

Hi, I'm Rob! I teach grade 5 math at ISM.

Can't wait to "play" with Desmos and figure out all the functions.  Thanks Theresa for a great presentation.

Hey Hey! I'm Jen! I teach at ISManila. I'm from Minnesota!

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Project based learning ideas at the Buck Institute

Hello! I'm Paul. I teach grade 8 mathematics at the Beacon School in Manila.
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