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3 days only! Get 50 faces for only $5 !! Sale ends Thurs, Feb 23rd so get em now!

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$0.99 Collection of the week! @Ghostbusters limited time bundle sale ends Sunday, Feb 26th so get em now!

Can you customize any of the watch faces that you have on your mega sale? 

Currently the app will not open on my mobile. No updates pending. Just a spinning loading icon, and then nothing.

Hola. Tengo instalado Facer en el celular pero no sale nada en el rwloj, no puedo poner ninguna careta en el reloj de Facer 

Hello everyone..
I wanted to know why is the Fossil Q Marshal not listed in the app of compatible watches? I have seen every possible other watch there! Even the latest LG watch sport and style are now there! The Fossil Q Founder and Wander are there but why is the Marshal not listed? 

For some reason, Facer is draining too much battery when Always-on display is on for my Gear S3. I have to turn off always on display whenever I use Facer. That's a major draw back for me to use Facer all the time.
I think a whole lot of optimizations are need for Tizen OS. 

Hey there, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i just got your app for a Zenwatch 3 and it won't work, well it gets as far as trying to install but seems to lose. 

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RICHI Design, ROM smart face with date, day and weather info. Enjoy...

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