(for all innocent lives lost)

Broken is the way I feel
As the news seeps into my house
As the hatred
As the sorrow
As the pain
Fill the room
where my kids are cuddled on the couch
in soft, fluffy blankets.

Broken is the way they’ll feel
As the families hear of the lost
As they crumble
As they weep
As they wonder why
Grief fills the community
where people mourn together
in heartbroken disbelief.

Broken is the way we live,
As lives are carelessly lost
As the hatred prevails
As the good succumb
Hope is but a speck of dust
where humanity mourns
in hearts that are broken.


Obviously, something old isn’t working. Old attitudes, perceptions, stereotypes, from both sides are just NOT working. We are losing lives on both sides. Precious lives that could be filled with so much joy, that could bring so much joy. It is time to try something new. It is time to change perceptions. It is time to make change on a systemic level because our systems are damaged, if not broken. It is time to make change on a societal level and a cultural level. Hatred and violence are NOT solutions. So many lives lost, so many people broken. WHEN will everyone realize that WE, not THEY, must change? NOW is a good time to try something new.

SNWP Saturday tomorrow! Give yourself a few hours of fellowship and reflection! Join us at 9am at Bennett.

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Do you ever wonder if you on the right track with the assignments you are designing for your students? Are they high quality, engaging, and attainable for all student? 

If this is something you wonder about, be a part of 500 middle and high school educators meeting at 20 locations around the country to make and share assignments during the first Assignments Matter Day Task Jam!

Ben Koch will lead our local site on January 24 in this whole-day event to help teachers take their writing assignments to the next level using Literacy Design Collaborative Tools. Experience the deep engagement and learning experience that comes from making and tinkering with a team.

(There is more information about this event at the link.)

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Hey friends! We've had to cancel Fall Conference this year. Please pass the word on to any colleagues who were still planning on signing up. See you at the next event or meeting!

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The 3rd Annual Fall Conference is Coming SOON!
Who: YOU and all the other cool teachers
What: Professional Development SNWP-style
When: Sat. Oct 11
Where: CEB at UNLV
Why: It's always fun and refreshing
How: Go to to register for $20

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One our local young writers has received 1st place at the national level of the PBS KIDS Writers Contest! One of the local prizes was free tuition at the Summer Youth Writing Camp, so we'll see this talent young girl next week!

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Today was the National Day of Making according President Barack Obama's Declaration!   #SNWP  celebrated by visiting the Barrick Museum on #UNLV  Campus and making at the Art Bar!  Take a look at some of our creations +Liz Spalding +Marilyn Mckinney +Stephanie Werkema  +Katie Britt +Shaun Ingalls +renee ara  +Kyryn Sanders @JimFriel @TabithaRhodes +S Johnston @ThomasRoelf +Emma Ruben +Jacob Schilleci 
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An in-person CLMOOC meet-up is happening today @ 2 pm during the last session of ISI @ Bennett. Even if you haven't signed up online, join us for this intro! Please arrive early to pick up parking passes.
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