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I wrote a bit about how I used proto-Microscope to create the setting for my old sandbox D&D campaign, West Marches, about a zillion years ago.

Does anyone have tips on how to run this game on Roll20?

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I got to chat with Keenan Kibrick on his new "Games and Education" podcast about Microscope and bringing games into the classroom.

Keenan's been doing great work using role-playing games as education tools and helping kids explore literature and history from a whole new angle.

Spoiler alert: Romeo and Juliet die in the end.

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Yesterday I had (and I had to master) my first Microscope session. I chose to use different colour pens for each player in order to let them know which piece in the history of the City of the Five Rivers came from each one. The cards are in Spanish.

We had time to play three rounds, and the three Legacies were the Apples Seller, the Sword of King Kator and the Microscope that discovered The Diminute Aliens.

Eager for more.

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A video in German about how to improvise as a GM in RPGs.

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First game of Microscope, second session come in two days !

Hi all,

Fairly new player here looking to get back into Microscope. How exactly do you all come up with Big Picture ideas?

Hi all! Completely new to this group but it was suggested to me.

Someday down the road I would like to run or play in a superheroes campaign. I need to carve out gaming time though (hard with a just over 1 year old son although I'm seeing some time looking like it may open up)!

So to scratch the itch a bit, and perhaps help out some other GMs, I want to create a DC Universe using another game called Microscope, with the idea to use that Universe/History in a superhero RPG down the road. Important disclaimer, if you join the Microscope session hoping to jump into my superhero RPG campaign, you might be waiting awhile. I have little free time at the moment. But, perhaps there will be somebody in the session who will want to run with the universe in their own campaign.

My thoughts are that the start period would be when Krypton explodes in one of the many universes outside of those shown in DC comics and the end period would be when Crisis on Infinite Earths occurs (when all Earths are destroyed or fused into one Earth). It doesn't have to stay confined to whichever Earth ## it is, but any 'history' created would be between those two points.

I realize this is more focused than the usual Microscope session (in that the genre and begin/end periods are already set - although there can certainly be discussion of at least the begin and end periods). However, the palette is not set, and things like when Krypton actually explodes is not set (nor does it have to mean there's only one survivor, or for that matter that there are any survivors!)

I probably have room for 1-2 more players. I would do this online through Google Hangouts, and would like to schedule it sometime within a few weeks.

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Fuck me that was a GLORIOUS game of MICROSPOPE:
• Humanity realised a symbiotic relationship with an alien species
• Major religion discredited, leading to greater support and an intergalactic empire
• The first colony ship was staffed with lost causes as an insurance scam

Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
I have been building a tabletop gaming community south of Atlanta Georgia. What started as a west marches campaign is expanding beyond its roots and hopefully more into other creative pursuits.

I have used the west marches campaign as a world-building a collaborative experiment and was wondering if anyone out there are using elements of Microscope to build campaign material to be used for other RPG games?

Ben, do you have any info out there on facilitating a community and lessons you learned in what appears to be a successful history in leading and organizing a community?
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