Let's all ensure getting him a fuck buddy is the priority (tonka toys) and whatever he manipulate says only advance their careers
You will all realise for yourselves eventually when you don't get sucked in and keep the distance 

No wonder he bullies because he's never had it so good before and can't handle two words Fuck off. That's why he's making sure everything he knows that I want is happening for himself and others except me.
I know how this bully bullies you see I have enduref 4yrs on n off experience 

Have a bath unhygienic grotesque grated cheese weiner

Have to feed you with alcohol and in abundance

Cheese Dick. 😝😲

Don't be 'so good' to this prick who will reduce you to nothing. If he says what about us tell him exactly where to go. Sign the petition against this selfish glutton fraud

Have to supply you with alcohol n get you drunk

Yep you can indeed fuck whoever you want with your nasty std crumbling unhygienic dick just not me☺
Go for it loser
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