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Blushes I... I'm looking for a very dominate male to rp me.

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Mistress, Looking for obedient female slave(s) that love breathplay and asphyxiation rp scenarios and don't mind my other kinks


(art isn't mine)

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Name: shadow
Age :20

Status: Dom/Master

Orientation: bisexual

Seeking: pet, sub, or slave.

Kinks: Bondage, funishment, power play, candle wax, outfits, bites/scratches, and more.

Hard Limits: skat, water sports

Note: Serious Rpers only meaning it will be a commitment RP and not just a day.
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Name: Frost
Age: 17
Gender: female
Species: wolf furry
Needs: a dominant master. It can be a man or a woman.
Likes: BDSM, whips, rough sex, NSFW, collars, cages, anal, oral, etc
Dislikes: kind masters
Price; depends on how much you want her
Personality; stubborn, but can be submissive when you push it out of her.

Why are posts defaulting to Collar Me? What insanity has Google inflicted upon me today?

Master with a few spots open for pets.

Howdy, I'm a strict but fair master who takes a somewhat paternal attitude towards caring for pets, I've got some experience with spanking, riding crop, isolation/sensory deprivation, hypnosis and a few other interesting capabilities.

I've recently just went back to college to complete a degree I started but never got to finish. Once I finish my Computer Science degree, I should have a much more substantial earning potential I can use to spoil my pets rotten.

BUT, there are a few things potential pets should know before they jump at what seems like the only master in this place with slots open, and they might be dealbreakers for you, so pay attention.

First, I'm going to be an actual daddy soon, as in babies. If you can't stand actual babies, then walk away.

Second, I'm bi, and poly. That means there's going to be sexy pregnant bellies walking around, and if that icks you, maybe this isn't the best place for you.

Third, and most importantly, I don't do online-only or long-distance with no plans on physically moving in where a pet belongs, living with their master. A pet that is only there for their master in spirit is useless to me. I have tried that long-distance online-only stuff, and I just can't do it. It's not for me, and I cannot endure it.

However, if living in a big house and being part of an actual family sounds like it might be for you, let me know. I don't write this with a lot of hope of getting any interest or individuals that might end up sticking around for their collaring, but who knows.

Guess I'll leave an ad here, although seeing as to how my last post didn't get anything, I doubt this one will.

18+ only due to legal reasons, I will not answer a minor.

I'm looking to be adopted, doesn't matter which gender, or what you play as. So long as you can go up to at least four lines, I'm good. Of course, the more descriptive you are the more likely I am to select you as either a master or a pet.

Now about me....

Description + Bio:
Vulöriik is a violet and black dragon, although he appears almost human he posses the ability to transform back into his feral self at the cost of his own abilities. In his anthro appearance he is violet with black markings and a runic like pattern, making him easily distinguishable from others. Although the general clothing for such a creature is minimal, he insists on wearing black jeans and a black trench coat. His rather lean figure can easily confuse others into assuming he's weaker than he looks, despite the common knowledge that those of his kind are stronger than they appear. His tail, although being long, isn't sharp due to trimming and can only go up towards one's chin. Where as in a feral state, he possess the majority of these details in appearance but at a much larger scale. In this form, his talons could easily impale as they can grab or capture. His bladed tail is much more affective at holding any would be attackers sneaking up from behind and his violet wings have a bit of a crimson tint to them due to previous battles

Limits: scat, snuff, watersports,diapers, and hyper

Enjoys: Being/Owning a pet, fantasy, anthro, vore, and femboys/sissyfication

If anyone is interested, I have multiple ways of contact. You can send me a pp, invite k hangouts, or hit me up on Kik or telegram. If you just sent me an invite on hangouts or on a pp, please comment so I can know. Otherwise Kik me at Vulthefuckindragon or hit me up on telegram @Vuloriik

Iwas beginning to wonder who all on this community is still active. Aside from the guy below thid post, the last post seems to be from a few months at least. Hopefully there is still some activity to be had here

Oh yeah, did I forget to introduce myself? Well let me begin by saying hi!

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im looking for a master but im unable to travel so vid chating will have to do
he/she must be experianced (as i am not )within the age range of 20 -27
and have a VERY large assortment of kinks
i do have skype so we will not be forced to use hangouts if you do not wish to do so.
i am in a relationship at this moment but it is open and i can do this kind of thing
im a furry im a brony and i have many kinks.
my dream is to someday be an irl sexslave but sadly that isnt going to happen
here are my pics
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I was beginning to think this place was dead. Oh well. I'm kind of a switch lookin' for naughty RP'ers.

On a side note, there was a time long ago that I had annoyed the owner of this community, but I hope he doesn't mind my presence here.
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