looking for a male slave . Send me a pic of you . 

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Profile Template (( Mistress ))
(Looking for female slave/pet)
Name: Lyra
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1
Weight: 147 lbs
Type of things you do to your slave: Tie her up, play with her, make her obedient, punish her if necessary, pleasure her (as she pleasures me)
Personality: Is a Mistress/Dom who can be nice to her pet but can also be mean if her slave is misbehaving
Bio: Is a mysterious lady who appears at slave auctions occasionally, looking for the perfect little "toy".
((Please message me if interested))

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Hey, how is everyone? I'm lookin' for a pet. Female, preferred. Obedient. And wont mind a silly guy like me :3 Ya know. For funsies.

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Name:  Katherine Rose
Age: just turned 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy but does have a temper
Bio: (Be detailed with your characters background) I was taken as a little girl around the age of 5 and ive grown up in a medical hopsital where people do tests on me. When i was taken i was human but now im not. I just turned 16 and im in the same cell as i was growing up. I am appearently part angel part demon and part neko. Today is the auction where im  actually able to see the world again and get the heck out of here.

I am straped to a table fighting my angel and demon side from coming out because the scientist want to see how i reacts when they do come out...I am drugged and fighting my best to get free as you walk by and... 

(male master cruel and mean use needles drugs anything you like)
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name: /Lily/Yuki
Age: 23
Gender: gender fluid (changes with mood)
Sexuality: bi (female preference
Species: Fox Wolf hybrid
Personality: I'm a kind, loving and gentle hearted, it is rare for me to be angry with a slave, I tend to treat my pets kindly, I rarely order my pets around.
Fetishes: https://www.f-list.net/c/faolne
Likes: anything sexual, looking after friends and family
Dislikes: anything bad


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Name: kumi
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: neko
Needs: a dominant master. It can be a man or a woman.
Likes: cookies, the dark, pleasing her master
Dislikes: light, getting in trouble
Price; seller scowls this one's free. She's been brought back Too many times to count. You can have her if you promise to keep her
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name : Taio

gender male

age 12

sexuality : doesn't know yet

likes : sweets, flying ( though the height of which he can is not much because of how little they are compared to his body ), long naps, warm places, being petted while sleeping, being wrapped up in blankets, being independent, and breakfast foods

dislikes : bitter and sour or spicy foods, being woken up during a good dream, being treated like a kid, cold and cramped places, having the tip of his tail or his horns touched ( the most sensitive parts of his body )

personality : he has a hyper and bubbly personality with the people he trusts but is shy and keeps to himself around strangers he is unruly and stubborn with following directions and will need to be trained 
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Yuki had gotten into a lot of trouble with her master due to she is stubborn she won't listen she tries to escape she fights back and she won't mind he had finally gotten tired of it he was wanting to sell her but first he needed to get her trained so her master brought her down to the punishment room and put a collar on her chained to the bed later on that day you walk in with a whip I back up to the corner on the bed you had been told you can do whatever you wanted you started to walk over to me with the whip in your hand I looked up at you terrified as you stood above me and you....?

((Open Rp im not descriptive so expect one liners/ one word replys/ repeat words also to know about my character look at the last picture))
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im a humanoid lizard wanting to be free from my cage and torment and you see my previous owner hurting me

Owner: some one buy this runt!!
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