Who can I be

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Name: Blade,

Species: Skeleton,

Bff: Sans and Papyrus,

Age: 15,

Family: Sans, Papyrus, Gaster and Silhouette (but they don't know about me),

Crush: Chara (but she dose not know),

Pet: none,

Speech bubble colour: Blood Red,

Details: I have a crack in my skull but it is covered by my red hat that sans gave me and I have a blue hoody I look human but I am not,

Powers: My Powers are like sans but more powerful,

Phrase: It's a beautiful day outside monster are singing Flowey is crying it's on days like this evil like you should be *burning in HELL!*

I ate a bee while licking honeysuckle

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Tralala there are people here, some I know, some I don't for the people that I don't know it'd be rude not to say hello, so hello tralala

River person and gaster plas!!!!!



can jerry be in herez (IFK

Can I be sans nvm

Can i be mettaton?
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