Who can I be

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Name: Blade,

Species: Skeleton,

Bff: Sans and Papyrus,

Age: 15,

Family: Sans, Papyrus, Gaster and Silhouette (but they don't know about me),

Crush: Chara (but she dose not know),

Pet: none,

Speech bubble colour: Blood Red,

Details: I have a crack in my skull but it is covered by my red hat that sans gave me and I have a blue hoody I look human but I am not,

Powers: My Powers are like sans but more powerful,

Phrase: It's a beautiful day outside monster are singing Flowey is crying it's on days like this evil like you should be *burning in HELL!*

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Name: Silhouette

Species: Skeleton

Bff: Sans


Family: Sans, Papyrus, Gaster

Crush: none

Pet: none

Speech bubble color: Grey

Details: Lots of cracks in skull due to going insane when she gets too mad or picked on. The cracks are because she would throw herself at walls. Also she can see out of both eyes but one eye stopped glowing because she threw herself at a wall to hard and hit her eye, leaving an empty socket.

Powers: All the same powers as Sans. Often practices on tree's. (sometimes ends up hitting a bird)

Phrase: It's a beautiful day outside, Birds will sing, flowers will bloom, on days like these, people like you, should be having a nice painful death

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Who wants to be Chara? I'm gonna switch my Character to my oc.
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I ate a bee while licking honeysuckle

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Tralala there are people here, some I know, some I don't for the people that I don't know it'd be rude not to say hello, so hello tralala

River person and gaster plas!!!!!



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Chara is walking around Snowdin with knife. You notice and come up to her. You say, "Give me the knife NOW, Chara." and hold out your hand for it. She then gives you this look (the look below) and says, "Aww but it's not like I was gonna Hurt anyone with it... Heh". You know she is lying.
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