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1. You can only RP if your within the time limits unless your a former/future Doctor, You can not RP here if your a Rose or Martha for example, it's specifically in the 11th Doctor's timeline
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Name: Audrey Amelia Song
Age: 2 1/2
Place you live: Gracepoint/The TARDIS
Likes: Flowers, Art, Grapes, My Binkie, My Blankie, My mommy and daddy, My family
Dislikes: Bugs, sad things, scary movies
Family (If any): Mommy +Ivory Lake Daddy +Ethan Song Aunts/Uncles +Caitlyn Song +Everett Song (Legit not sure who else)  The Doctor +The Doctor +The Twelfth Doctor River Song +River Song 
Bio: I'm the daughter of Ivory Lake and Ethan Song and I live with them in Gracepoint for now.
Randomness (If any): KOALAS

Anybody up for a role play?

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And I have met 9, 10, and 11.
Name: Carter Jane
Species: Timelady
Age: 1009
Origin: Gallifrey
Regeneration: 4
Love Life:,Dated The Doctor (twice)
Personality: Feisty, Sarcastic, Terrifying, Humorous, Occasionally Responsible, Nice (to some)
Friends: The Master, The Doctor, Capt. Jack Harkness, Amy, Clara
Bio: I met the doctor when I was 156. My family had just recently moved, and we were neighbors. We were the best of friends, until I accidentally said he was cute. We were happily dating, until the Time War started. The Doctor told me to leave. I couldn't make him change my mind. So I stole a TARDIS, and I fled the scene. I ended up on Earth, Cardiff, England, 1967. Capt. Jack stood in front of you and asked you a million-and-one-questions. You said I was from Gallifrey. Jack and I became friends and worked together for Torchwood until I quit, instead deciding to shadow the Doctor, knowing I still love him, and it was the best choice I ever made. When the Master tried to kill The Doctor, I ran to them and told them both off. I remembered that we were all friends as kids, and used that to get the Master to save the Doctor. We once again started dating, and, just like when we were teenagers, the Doctor realized he still truly in love with me and left me in tears so I wouldn't get hurt, not knowing I shadowed him.
We once met up again(before married to River) and he snogged me. We still meet often, though our meetings are filled with tension, for we both know that we love each other. He introduced me to Amy and Clara, and we got along well. I still shadow the Doctor, but still meet up with Jack occasionally.

You and me were in the TARDIS just talking and playing around drinking tea. We were having a good time, and then all of a sudden there was a huge bang outside of the TARDIS.........

((closed for +Lynn Hathaway ))

Anybody want to rp?

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Name: The Doctor
Age: 2,800
Home: The TARDIS
Likes: Clara, River... that's it.
Dislikes: Cybermen, Daleks, hugs, Missy
Family (If any): None
Bio (I'll give a brief one): I was born on Gallifrey and during the last great time war I was forced to blow up the planet. Now I stay on Earth with my companions traveling through time and space to save this planet. If you want any further information then watch the show.
Randomness (If any): no
Other (regeneration): Twelve. (Fourteenth incarnation)
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//+Ivory Lake​ Can you write my profile this time?

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Name: Amy "Amelia" Pond
Family: River Song, Rory Williams, The 11th Doctor
Age: 21?
Likes: Traveling in the TARDIS, Etc.
Dislikes: Monsters, Etc.
Lives: Mostly in Tardis but also lives in Apartment
Bio: If you watch Dr.Who, you already know...
Randomness: What does this mean?
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I see the doctor and wave
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