Greetings members! We will be moving to a private community where active student and alumni members will access using Kaplan accounts. More information will be shared soon. Thank you!


Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to update everyone with officers and meeting info.

I am your President and have been working with Prof Womer on trying to get the required documents but have hit a snag. Prof Womer had something come up so please come to me when any concerns and we will figure it out.

Once I get those documents from her I will be doing a mass email to everyone and set up our first meeting. I apologize this has taken so long!

I am in need of a VP and a Secretary before anything can happen!! So please email me if you are interested and I'll let you know what each role requires and we will go from there.

You can always reach me on here, text me at 5135605025 or email

I look forward to hearing from you and again, I apologize for this delay!

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Complete the form and send the form and your money order to Kaplan Student Life, Chicago. They will sign and send in the order. Usually, you can pick up your regalia at graduation. Please contact student life and make sure you give them time to get the order in early.

Good afternoon guys!

It's the end of unit 5 for me as I am taking crime scene investigation 2 and investigating cybercrime.

How is this term treating everyone and what all are you taking?

Additionally, if you have classes scheduled next term what are they?

Mine are CJ411 drugs and alcohol in the CJ system. CJ385 forensic chemistry and trace evidence analysis.

Can't wait to hear from you all 🤓

Another term is over! Congrats everyone! How much longer does everyone have for their degree?

I have 5 terms left for my Bachelor's!

Hey gang! Haven't posted yet but I'm almost a year away from my Bachelor's degree and I cannot wait! I have been a part of APS since November-ish and love how we have our own chapter within a great society. I hope to form everlasting bonds with all of you!

Welcome Members! When is everyone graduating?

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