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A tribute to legendary #SureshDalal

read all Suresh Dalal books at :-

Leicester, July 12 5 pm
Antwerp, July 15 8pm
London, July 11 7pm
Philadelphia, July 17 6pm
New York, July 18  7pm
New Jersey, July 19
Washington, July  20 4pm
Boston, July 23 8pm
Chicago, July 27 5pm
Detroit, July 25
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Watching MBLAQ Sesame player after a long time ^^

I really almost cried when I heard Shilta yesterday. I just noticed the way Alexander says 'Geuman Sarajyeo!' was seriously.... o I miss him TT__TT

And everytime I see 60sec, I can't seem to stop wanting to cry T_T

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My ultimate biases! ^^
My ultimate biases
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