Hey can we get a post listing all the big roles Medicine cat, deputy, medicine cat apprentice and leader please?

Silverstar walks around camp making sure each cat is healthy. She then heads towards the entrance to camp when she bumps into you

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Who wants to try to make this place active again?

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Hi everyone, I found this cool warriors site.

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Name: Destiny

Age: 23 moons

Mother: Liberty

Father: Bumble

Sister: Serenity

Mate: none

Kits: none

Personality: independent,reliable,Brave.

Likes: Water, Swimming, Flowers

Dislikes: Darkness, Being bossed around.

Bio: Destiny was a kittypet then one day she discovered the clans and she decided to join them (I can't think of anything else)

Type: Main coon

Clan: Thunder clan

Rank: Warrior

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Name: Ice
Age: 4 moons
Rank: kitty pet (Gonna go to clan soon)
Clan:soon to be in Thunderclan
Mother: Clan cat (anyone willing to take her as an adopted kit?)
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Open
Crush: None Open
Mate: none open
Kits:nope open
Bio: she got lost one day out in the woods after she was chased by a dog. She bumbed into a cat than... (hope you guys can help me make the rest of her story)

Come on guys! We need to get this community active again!

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These where the most liked. Let's see what her name will be
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Hey guys what should I name this lovely kitty?
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