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Well the daylight ''Savings'' fiasco is concluding, although let's be honest for a moment, the whole thing is really dumb! Just leave the time alone people, it's the time! We can't just say ''Hey time, go ahead an hour! Now that you did that, fall back an hour!'' That's like saying ''Hey road, shorten 300 miles!'' ... Actually that one would be awesome... Let's work on being able to time WARP! Now we are getting somewhere! 

Here is a moment, In Jasper.

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6.06kms in 37:36.

I went to a Goulburn Valley Law Association thing for a bit after work, and needed to sweat off some wine-y cheese-y fried goodness. Six kilometres should just about do it.

Good steady pace and low-ish heart rate (73BPM). Need to find a few new routes though: only so many times you can circle the same lake!

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6.63 kms in 42:14. HR 75bpm.

Kind of a maintenance run tonight - could have gone further if I hadn't been running out of daylight.

I'd like to start building my distances up again - guess I'd better find a race to sign up for!

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I was in a bit of a dragon-slaying mood, so I said to myself the Hell with it being 37C/99F and decided to bash out a quick four miles. I added a bit extra at the halfway mark to make it five miles all up.

I screwed up a bit on the return journey where I was over focussed on getting to the top of a hill a little under a mile from the Casa: by the time I got there I was pretty well done, so the last stretch was spent in a combination of walking and running.

Glad enough to be done!

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6.09kms in 38:59.

I hadn't had a run since last Synday, and having had a somewhat frustrating day, I was in a bit of a dragon-slaying mood. The temperature says 39C/102F, but frankly it didn't feel like that at the lake. Hot for sure, but not "convection-oven" hot.

I settled for a simple 6kms. The first 4 were ok, but by 5 and 6 the warmth was really making me work for it. Very pleased to finish and definitively ready for whatever tomorrow throws at me!

I don't care how hot it is. If I don't get a run in I'm gonna go mental!

I officially stopped using Nike+ on my Android and picked up Garmin Forerunner 10. Loving it after one day.

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Could be a new way for us to get some exercise!

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10.16kms in 1:05:28.

Great way to end a two day working week! Legs were a little slow to start but I relaxed them into it and just let them flow. Don't think it's the fastest run I've ever done but it was at an even pace and in good order.

Loving the sunshine to run in. Makes you feel great. Nothing better than endorphins and sunlight! :)
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