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Scout walks in: HEY! Welcome to BLU also known as Builders League United,we hope you enjoy your stay... I don't. really.

Scout: Me and ma fellaz here were hired by... what was his name again?

SK8: We were hired by Blutarch,to fight for land against the RED or Reliable Ex...

Scout: Oh who da hell cares!?

Scout: Meet our lovely family... and... Pyro.

Scout: Hard hat,my best friend. high fives Engineer

Engineer grins and waves at you

Scout: Soldier. points at Soldier

Soldier: AAAAARGH! smashing his helmet with shovel

Scout: Cyclops._

Demoman: Aye... drinks beer and falls asleep


Scout: Doc,say hello to our guest.

Medic: smiles Hallo! Guten tag stranger.

Scout: Heavy.

Heavy: Hello. Sandwich? offers you sandwich

Scout: This is Sni...

Sniper: interrupts,pointing at a jar piss.

Scout: ... MOVING ON!

Scout: ... Spy.

Spy: tips hat Bonjour!

Scout: P y r o.

Pyro: Mmph! offers you enormous lollipop

Scout: AND I... pauses AM THE SCOUT HERE.
drinks BONK! Atomic Juice pointing at himself

SK8: stares at Scout ironically Wow! Loook it's the amazing Scout.

Scout: Oh yea,this is SK8,he helps us fight robots.

SK8: I also made these with a little help of Engie. points at grappling hook

Scout: Oh Who the hell cares about grapple hooks?

SK8: Jeremy shut up,please.

SK8: Looks at you Aaaand yes,that's about it,we hope you enjoyed the visit,you can take a look at some pictures,get a coffee​ from the wending machine,join Engine's Sentry presentation,Let Soldier​ teach you how to rocket jump,visit Sniper's shooting range aand by the way toilet is up the stairs to left.

Scout: Bye! waves and walks away

SK8 is sitting on a bench helping Engie modify some kind of a gun

Demoman is asleep

Spy is gone

Heavy is eating sandwich

Medic whispers something to the Archimedes

Sniper is shooting targets at the shooting range

*Soldier is outside yelling,explosions are heard*
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