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Hey guys please check out my youtube I post gaming videos as often as I can :)
*Link -

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Cool Live stream on hypixel
Join the fun

Igns WeirdThingzYT FireFlarezYT

Hey I just got here but starting a new MCPC Series on my Channel and it's a roleplay I need characters and voice actors so send me a hangouts message for more information thanks

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A good Minecraft PC server is

Hello! My name is Go Gaming. And today we are opening wincraft. If any one wants to do a video on it e-mail us soo we can give you youtuber rank! E-mail we would need your MC name, channel link and when are you going to upload the video. If you find any bugs (because the server is in alpha e-mail us) IP

I literally have no idea why I'm here I don't even play minecraft

Lel bye

Is there an plugin that like a 'Clay Golem' can kill you? I've joined a server from united states and i saw just a clay block that was following me and killing me at the same time, i was like WOW but i want also the plugin.. can anyone help me to find?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me build some on my MCPC server. It's kind of empty but I have big plans for this server. If you would like to help me build the server up, plz put ur gamertag below and I'll make note of it and tell u the ip and make you admin.


How many people can help me?
Thats all fine how many of you decide to help me, more than welcome!
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