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Not much happening in this community recently! Be good to hear people's running goals/plans for 2017.

I've just signed up for the Travesera Integral de los Picos de Europa, which is 74km and 6, 560m of positive height change. It's a monster of a race! The difficult bit is going to be getting a place. This year, for the first time, it's going to be on the national mountain ultra circuit.

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27 Kangas Mountain 2016 Race Report The Asturian, Víctor Fernández (2:48:06) and Azara García de los Salmones (3:10:00) battled the driving snow and rain to win the third edition of the 27 Kangas Mountain.  500 people, which is 100 more than last year,…

How did it go then Tom? Did you run the Kangas27 in the end?

I'm really pissed off! I'm ill and I've got the first Asturian mountain race of the season, tomorrow. I've had a cough and sore throat all week and was hoping I'd feel better by Saturday morning but if anything I seem to be getting worse.

I think I'm going to go and then either drop out at the aid stations at 10 or 18 km or if I'm feeling okay, keep going.

What are people's opinions on racing when you're ill?

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The Travesera Integral de Los Picos de Europa If you live in Northern Spain and you run in the mountains, the Travesera Integral de Los Picos de Europa should definitely be on your bucket list. The race is 74 kilometres (46 miles) and 6,560 metres (21,522…

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Interesting video (in Spanish) for anyone interested in doing the Travesera.

Anyone up for a 15 km training run, at some point over the weekend?

Good 15 km run yesterday from La Pesanca up towards Los Tournos. Listening to the excellent American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Accompanied by Flops the faithful hound, who also had a great time.

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A beautiful day and training run yesterday, from Fuensanta up to the Foces del Río Pendón river gorge.  I was looking for a way to get up to Pico Mua but it was all a bit too overgrown to be able to follow the path properly.

Only did 10km but due to my untrained state it felt more like 25!
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