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Killer Real Estate Blog Articles From 2016
This year has been filled with some incredible real estate articles.

From home buying articles to mortgage advice, there have been hundreds of fantastic articles over the past year.

Over on +Rochester's Real Estate Blog you'll find the very best real estate blog articles from 2016! This recap is over 10,000 words so grab your favorite holiday beverage, sit back, and enjoy some fantastic information!

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Buying A Home With A Septic System

Depending on a home location homebuyers may be faced with the prospect of buying a home with a septic system. A septic system is an alternate way of handling waste water from the home as opposed to the more common sewer system. This article discusses septic systems and what it means to homebuyers and homeowners.

Included in the article are valuable resources from +Debbie Drummond, +Kevin Vitali, +Scientific American, +U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and more.

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Walking through the Neighborhoods are fun and colorful....

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Tips For Buying a Luxury Home!
Any particular advice a real estate agent should give to luxury home buyers?

Have a read of these 8 tips to put the minds of luxury home buyers at ease as they go about finding their dream home!

Make sure to check out other resources used by +Luke Skar, +Ryan Fitzgerald, +Paul Sian, +Debbie Drummond and +Bill Gassett!

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I have an honest question -

Why pay for the Pro version of Market leader Real Estate CRM? Not much for your $$. I like the quick text feature but that is about all we use it for.

Why pay for the Enhanced Placester Real Estate site ? Stinks you have to pay to change lead capture- AGAIN never get any registrations even though I link out ALL the time.

I feel like Im blowing 200 a month on worthless things. I dont get ANY leads registering on either site.

Someone tell me KEEP IT OR DITCH it and buy something else for CRM.

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Is This The Ultimate Example Of 'What Not To Do' When Listing Your House For Sale?

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Hey everyone! My marketing partner AgentProLink is hosting a July giveaway. Just comment with your favorite HGTV show, tag a fellow HGTV lover and enter to win a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card! The winner will be announced on 7/31/2017, so be sure to like my page to see if you’ve won. :)

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