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I found an almost magic way to help me lift my "youthful" thinking and allow myself some "growing" room that I just figured that I might not ever be able to do in reality.  The way I figured it---If DUMBO can do it---so can I.  That period in my life gave me the courage to take on even some major challenges----and most of my "doing" has been enhanced because I created an imaginary "me and my capacities" long before  went after those things for real. 
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I have a way of being a curious social butterfly one day, and a broody misanthropic introvert on other days. Both serve as valid modes of operation for me depending on my current objectives. Anyone else experience this in some fashion? In correlation to that this week's Ne’er-do-well’s video is called The Art Of Embracing Solitude. Check it out, Don't for get to subscribe, and have a beautiful afternoon. 

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Wanna turn your fear into massive action? This will help:

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Last night’s interview with Rebecca McEwan is up!

So as you'll quite early into the show I start having connection problems and had to close out and come back to the show almost 5 times!!

So while I was fighting with Blab or my internet, my coach Rebecca McEwan luckily was able to keep the show going while I was trying maintain a connection.

Read the rest here:

Many of us believe that intuition is a peculiar trait that is reserved for psychics, mediums or ‘spiritual’ people.  Very few individuals consider intuition to be a natural skill that we all possess and can access to assist us in every aspect of our lives.  This information need not come in big, booming voices or burning bushes, although those are not out of the question.  Many times it is a little whisper, a nudge or a hunch that, when listened to and acted upon, will change the outcome of a situation. Listening to and developing our intuition can most assuredly lead not only to helpful  guidance in our daily lives, but also to a rich and meaningful life filled with beauty and wonder.   i am offering my newest book, Living On Intuition free on Kindle between the dates of September 14-18. If you got something out of Who Are We Really? i think you will appreciate this work. Thank you, me.

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**Recommended reading** Self-Improvement
By mastering the information in this book, you will be in complete control of your mind and body, thus your life.

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From the age of 12 when my grandfather appeared to me over his coffin, i have experienced numerous conversations and events with animals, birds, dolphins, minerals, plants, ancient Native Americans and spiritual beings. These events have led me to believe that all Life is talking - that it is up to us to listen to the wisdom coming our way. To this, i am giving away one of my latest books on Kindle during this week. i hope some of the stories touch you and inspire you to enhance your connection to all that is around you. thanx

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Personal Development and Human Relations

Improving your character and personality are vital to any program of personal development.

It will help you attain many personal goals while gaining knowledge to increase spiritual growth.

This article contains many great personal development tips.

Refine your personality little by little, and you will understand yourself better.
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