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My journal..... If you call it an online diary I will hurt you. I will only update it when I need to calm down from work or come down off the high of killing some kids. So in other words probably not every day but pretty regularly, more than likely. If you want to ask questions, go on and do so, but please remember that I probably won't be on here every day. I may make some exceptions on the days that I am on here like make a daily appearance but don't get your hopes up. I may just goof off on here some times as well. Again however don't get your hopes up. If you guys want to goof off on here feel free. I won't stop yo but please no spam or irrelevant posts. Please if you are going to goof off at least keep it FNaF related. I guess that there can be some other video games thrown in.... But please be polite to each other, I don't want to have to deal with rude people on something that is meant to calm me down. I do not appreciate rude, unkind, or offensive comments or posts. If I need to I will be the bad guy mod who bans people from the community for an undetermined amount of time or just permanently kick you out and not let you back in. I, if need be, report your account to the heads of Google+. I want to be the nice mod who has fun with other members though, I don't like being mean to the people that I would like to consider my friends online. At least the people that I feel that I can share my inmost thoughts and feelings with.
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Entry 3

What up, bitch??? Anti-Vincent here! Vinny is fine I just wanted to say what up and have my own entry on here. I am not only a separate personality in his head I am basically a separate person in him. I am not exactly evil but I ain’t an angel. I am kind of some where in between. Also Vinny isn’t an angel either. He is closer to being an angel than I am but he isn’t one. He is all sweet and bullshit with Scott but he can be a real douche bag to other people. I am more straight forward with my douchatry. People don’t seem to like that though. Well tough shit, I’m a douche and proud of it. I’m also more straight forward with my lack of angelic nature. I don’t like people in the least and they generally don’t like me. I can live with that. I look very little like Vinny, my hair is black and longer than Vinny’s. Also I am a bit buffer than Vinny. I am also slightly shorter than Vinny. He is 5’ 11” and I am 5’ 7”. He has almost a lavender colour hair that is only about as long as his neck and mine is to about mid-way down my back. He is a scrawny little fucker too. I don’t think that he would be able to fight me off if he had to.

I also don’t think that he would even know what to do if he had to fight me off. I can be quite creepy when I want to be. My skin has a deep purple hue to it, but it isn’t completely purple. It is like spider-webbing all over my body. It almost looks like the gains in the body, but in deep purple. I don’t take very kindly to being told what to do, where as Vinny has little to no issue with it. We are from Canada, I’m not telling you exactly where though. I don’t think that it would be all that interesting anyway, because the house is in the middle of the woods, and very hard to find. I still have the key to the house too. Also Vinny has the deed to the house now. I have something that is not exactly a good thing for me to have, probably. I have a knife and a flamethrower, both in purple. Also I have a small crush on DPG… He’s hot… Shut up, you haven’t seen him in the flesh. He is damn hot and drop dead sexy in his black button up shirt, red tie, and black well-fitted slacks… Sorry lost in thought and typing there. My bad. Anyway embarrassment behind me, DPG wants nothing more than to kill me but he is afraid of hurting Scott because to kill me he would have to kill Vinny too. I think that he is just afraid to admit that he likes me too. Also Scott is scared of me, which is just fine with me. Scott is kind of a pansy anyway. I like a man that can try to control me. I have a major problem with authority but it turns me on, and makes me want to jump the bones of the person, preferably male though. DPG has an affinity for trying to strangle me and it’s, in all honesty kinda hot.

He has admitted that he has a hard time controlling himself around me, so maybe ha does like me? We had started to make out yesterday but he stopped that real quick and then he slammed my head into the brick wall, successfully knocking me out for quite some time. My head still hurts by the way.

Anti out, bitches.

Vincent Cawthon’s Journal

Entry 1

Hello, in case you missed it my name is Vincent Cawthon and this is my journal. I thought that I would give you guys a quick run down of what all will be going on in this thing. First of all if any one has any questions, go ahead and ask them. I will try to answer all of them to the best of my ability and as honestly as I can and as legally as I can. If you ask about the kids I will not give a honest/straight answer. You will get what you get and you won’t throw a fit. I will give some details but not many. As I don’t want to go to jail and leave my Scotter otter alone to fend for himself. I also will not answer about Springtrap or the other animatronics. They all have their own accounts and thoughts on things and I will not speak for them.

I will not speak for Scotter otter either he is perfectly capable of speaking for himself and probably will pop up on occasion but I will make sure to have him answer the questions that you have for him. Also I will be actually journaling from time to time. I will need to get some things out and bring myself down from any high I may have and to bring myself out of any depression I may fall into. I will give the shortened list of my mental illnesses, I do not want your sympathy I just want you guys to know that I may fly off the handle from time to time, but just know that I am doing much better than I was in the past.

The shortened list of my mental illnesses:
2. Bi-polar
3. Clinical Depression
4. Schizophrenia
5. OCD
6. Aspergers
7. Paranoia
8. Anxiety
9. Sleep. Apnea
10. PTSD
11. “An Overactively Morbid Imagination”
12. Homicidal Tendencies

Again that’s just the shortened version. There are at least 20 more, but whatever. I’m just going to leave this off here and let you guys do as you please with this.


Entry 2

Hello, I know that I said that I wouldn’t every day, but Scotter otter and I got into a heated argument earlier. I would like to say that I may have started it but it wasn’t my fault. I told Scotter that I had to do things today and he didn’t like that, he said that I never spend time with him any more and all this bull shit about me not loving him anymore, I do love him though and I tried to tell him that. He was having none of the truth and said that I was lying to him and that I am nothing but a lying son of a bitch. Now I will admit that I am a son of a bitch, but I don’t generally lie. I lie about some things but never to Scotter.

I love my Scotter otter and I would do anything for him and would never lie to him for any reason at all. I need my Scotter to keep me off the edge of insanity and to pull me away from it at times. He is my angel on Earth and my saving grace. He is also the light of my life and the one thing that I cannot live without. He is the only one who truly knows me inside and out. I very well may die without him, I know it’s extreme and extremely cheesy all at once but it’s true.

Anyway I just had to get that out and say all that and now I feel better. Thank you for listening/reading all of that if you did. If not whatever, that’s cool too.

K, byeeee.
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