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Domain Name System (#DNS) #Firewall Market Worth 169.7 Million USD by 2023

The extreme vulnerability of #DNS to #malware and APT intrusions and the proliferation of #web #applications are some of the major factors driving the growth of the DNS Firewall Market.


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Good morning everyone! Just installed OPNsense last night for the first time. Wanted to share a screen shot with a question.

This relates to the "anti-lockout rule" Am i understanding this correct that my son's HTC mobile device is trying to access the interface on but failing ? please see attached picture

Thanks everyone!!


Hello everyone,

I want to know if there is a way to update OPNsense offline. The plan is to install OPNsense in a remote location with slow 3G Internet connection, in addition is necessary to reduce bandwith consumption as possible.

I would like to setup small private server for computer games (minecraft) And I will set it up on Vmware base. Is it possible to run OPNsense on Vmware? I plan to put in my computer extra network cards and run it in virtual. Any comment about that? Thank you!

Can anybody help me on the firewall rule?

Fairly new to opnsense...where can I find a good tutorial on port forwarding? I've googled, but not finding what I need. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how I configure the proxy so I can have different rules per user group? I've done several searches but I have not found a way for the proxy to have different rules for each user group.

Where we work we have different rules for users, managers and directors.

How can I solve this?

I like opnsense over untangle (home paid version) but I really miss the web application, is this going to be delivered in the future?
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