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Welcome to the biggest war in Sonic History, a war to take back The Galaxy and The Multiverse and Save The Multiverse... Or.......

Rule The Multiverse....

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(Open for all and +Alongcame Adrian )

Title:A Clash Between Three Evils

A member of Ix's Army named Blade enters the Demon controlled Station Square to claim it for Ix,he is pinned down by Demon forces,but to make matters worse,The Locust started assaulting Station Square
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((Open for all and +Alongcame Adrian ))

A part of the Locust Horde has settled in Chun Nan,either killing or kidnapping any remaining civilians,they are kidnapping some of them because for some reason the Locust want the Phantom Ruby

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🔳[Title of The Post: The Endless Shadows Return]🔳
🌐[Location: Wastelands]🌐
⌛[Time: Midnight]⏳


It was a stromy night in the Wastelands of Mirage Dazzle, Emile sits down after the events of Hazard and Chemyst teaming up. But something is around him, looking for a body.

(Open for all and +Emile The Jackal/Zol The Dark​)
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Theme Base: WWII

Title: Damned Krauts

(You will be forced to use gear from WW2. Using other stuff would ruin the theme.)

*Liutenant Viktor had arrived at Omaha Beach, As Y/N and Y/N's division had arrived.*

(Btw this is the very last antagonist faction that im gonna add)

Name:Locust Horde

Threat Level:Mid-High

Bio:The Locust Horde, often called the Locust Army by humans, was a race of reptilian humanoids that, until Emergence Day, have lived in and established their civilization in the subterranean regions of Sera, known as the Hollow.

Nocturne War Bio:The Locust Horde made it's way into Mobius,where Imperator Ix tries to tame them and the Hell Army to become his weapons of war against Sonic and his team,Unfortunately though,both armies were uncontrollable,killing each other and Nocturnus Soldiers on sight

Strengths:Deadly In Numbers,Boomers,Maulers,Grinders and Berserkers are hard to kill

Weaknesses:Mostly get their weapons from scrapped Human tech,Berserkers are blind,using their other senses to find their enemies

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Mission:Assist The G.U.N Commander

The Commander and his forces have successfully extracted civilians from the Demon controlled parts of Station Square,but an army of Black Legion soldiers stand in their way

Commander:Goddamnit,we're pinned down!
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**Title: Small Beginnings...

You were to see a box on your doorstep. Once you opened it, it had shown me. rather a 3 month old me. my parents had already placed down documents. They died. I was just crawling around inside the box. Until you then...**

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Luke was in a pod for over 1000 years being tested on and tuned into a super soldier as some nocturne soldiers goes to the pod
nocturne soldier: there he is Luke unknown the super soldier open the pod
((for whoever is with the nocturne or lx))

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Luke puts the gear that +sonic gave him
Luke: heh your good at making gear sonic
((for sonic))
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