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Antigrav made even shinier!
Renderings of Handwavium
I've always had a certain amount of handwavium in my settings. Most of the time I make do with unobtainium but sometimes I'm pressed for time. As I am learning to render vehicles of various types and other gear or worse stat them for games I have a decided ...

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So I am watching a person on YouTube play Ryse Son Of Rome. And I was inspired to make a Fantasy Roleplaying Community, so what I want to know would anyone like to join it when I make it and when I make it can I share it here ?

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I'm sure you've woken up sometime in the last couple of years, and in those first moments just before getting up, asked yourself, "Could it be possible to combine Dark Albion with the 80s movie Krull"?

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Because you can never have too many dice...

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Reposting for further reflection...

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"You always fear what you don't understand."

A decent line, but a great philosophy for designing RPG encounters and scenarios. One worth revisiting more than once.
"You always fear what you don't understand."

A decent line, but a great philosophy for designing RPG encounters and scenarios. One worth revisiting more than once.

I'm running two games coming up.
One is a Wield weekly campaign. Mondays at 5pm CDT.
The other is an Unknown Armies 3rd edition one shot. Thursday, March 30th, at 5 or 6pm CDT, depending on availability.

Wield  (Unknown Armies One Shot info to follow)

I'm going to be running a weekly game of Wield on Mondays at 5, online with roll20.

TL;DR Version:
You play ancient items of power (like The One Ring, Storm Bringer, The Holy Grail) who have lived for many or all of the ages of the world. You have a destiny you're trying to fulfill and your wielders have their destinies torn from them as you enter their lives.

Cities and civilizations will rise and fall before you. How will you change fate? Will you bring about the end of the Age or will you preserve it?

Extended Info:

You play the item, a Vatcha, as well as the wielder of another PC's item. Each time a wielder dies, we're going to wind the clock forward and see what happens when we're not playing on the timescale of days and weeks but of decades and centuries.

The system is dead simple. Like---explain in 3 minutes simple. The fiction moves fast and you'll get to play a variety of wielders in your time.

I'm going to start the campaign with a game of Microscope. Microscope is a game that creates an involved timeline. Ours will detail the 7th Age of the World.

We're going to see what was supposed to happen in the 7th Age. What Fate had decreed.

Then we're going to WRECK it.

Unknown Armies 3rd Edition One Shot
(Thursday, March 30th, 5 or 6pm CDT depending on availability)
I'll also be doing an Unknown Armies one shot this Thursday at either 5 or 6pm CDT.

You're the city Mayor who channels the Archetype of the Demagogue. Through you flows the ability to influence people and pick apart their inner selves.

You're the campaign manager/city planner who is an Adept of Urbanomancy. You know the city---feel it in your bones. You can magically discover what's happening in your domain and the city---she protects you and heeds you.

You're the hardened police officer who's seen things that can't be real. You found others who have also had these encounters. You're a part of the Blue Line—a loosely organized network of police who have cracked the supernatural.

You're the intern at City Hall. You've been delving into the occult and know a few rituals. You also have been doing some kickboxing and were....less than legal.... in your younger days.

The four of you have worked together before. Something has just happened, though.

A man was discovered running down the street and covered in blood that wasn't his. The story he told didn't make sense to most, but someone knew enough to kick it your way.

Something is happening in this city. Drug related murders, from people without any prior records, have skyrocketed in the last few months. The people are restless and the city has become nitroglycerin and someone's intent on shaking it up.

I'm looking for character focused players who enjoy interesting characters with motivations that help drive the campaign.

I come from an improv and theatre background and it shows in my GMing  I prefer to set up the inciting incident, know what's happening behind the scenes, and then let the players' plans drive the flow of the game. 

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Wow. Great deal at amazon for the Ghostories Softcover. Only $14.49. Who knows how long this deal will last, so order now.

The paranormal is real, or is it? You decide in this roleplaying game of supernatural mystery. Investigate cases involving ghostly encounters, possessed victims, or freakish constructs -- or mortal threats, like rogue sorcerers and diabolists. Portray characters who follow special pursuits in life, such as science, magic, or the occult. Those tainted by the supernatural gain secret knowledges based on their chosen pursuits. From the Second Sight and Divine Arts to Sorcery and the Unholy Arts, use these powers to solve mysteries or defend humanity against the horrors.
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